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Man I love weekends. I realise why weekends are so cherised by, y'know, everyone. I can go to bed whenever I want! I can get up whenever I want! (although, Dave woke us up at 8:30 yesterday morning because he is a moron who set an alarm and today he woke us up at 7:30 because of, well, reasons, but I just rolled over and went back to sleep.)

So weekends are ace. I know because work weeks are so busy I should be trying to do everything else I haven't managed to do during the week then but I just don't care! Laziness, bring it to me! Today, I
- put on a clothes wash
- cooked Sunday dinner
- tidied our bedroom a bit
- read some "Avengers" fic
- dicked about on the internet a LOT
- watched "Prometheus"
- watched "Expendables 2"
- painted my nails
- talked to my mum

....and that's it! LAZY DAYS!

Dave bought an iPhone on Thursday so it arrived on Friday, I had a play with it and I bought one on Friday. Ebay - iPhone 3gS 16GB - almost brand new - £100. Considering I spent £70 on my current phone 2 years ago and it's started not holding charge, I feel good about this. And I had been "hmmmm"-ing about it for a good couple of months so I did it! BAM!

The one thing I do query is how to get all my information off my phone to transfer onto the new phone. Technology! Help me internet, you're my only hope.

In other life things, I went out yesterday day time with Dave to an event so I went all out with makeup and a little black dress (coupled with underbust steel-boned corset, suspenders, stockings and heels - naughty!). But wearing nighttime make-up during the daytime is difficult! I did my make-up for going out yesterday and I think it worked pretty well! Here's me at 9pm after putting my make-up on at midday! Not bad, right? And I only had to touch up my lipstick twice?

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So Light Night Leeds! I was a zombie! Check us out! And all the awesome members of the public who joined in :)

I'm on the right hand side in a blue t-shirt

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Then Eleven tried to save my baby from the Crossed

sleep well ;)
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It's been days again since updating. I didn't update yesterday because I spent most of the day....on my laptop lounging about in bed hungover. Reading fanfic. My current favourite hitter is The Avengers, unsurprisingly. And I'm easy on pairings, which is fun! With Inception, I wasn't adverse to reading random/rare pairings but Arthur/Eames was 90% of what I read (and most of those fics had background Dom/Mal which I also adored).

But The Avengers, everyone is so hot! Even Agent Coulson! (I am still in denial about THINGS). So I spend most of yesterday reading a lot about Clint/Coulson. There is a fuckton of good fic out there! Also, it seems a lot of really good BDSM fics! Life has been good to me this weekend! Except for, y'know, the hangover. REGARDLESS, any one got any good recs? I'm going to have to get some of the great ones I read this weekend rec'd out.

And today we were due to go use one of our Groupon vouchers having delicious Sunday dinner at a bar called Milo but you had to prebook so we're going next Sunday instead hopefully. Instead we cooked dinner ourselves, cleaned and did clothes washing. Adulthood eh?

Friday night was the cause of my hangover as we were out celebrating/commiserating the leaving of 3 of our admin staff! ;___; It was actually an ace night and I got hit on! It was nice! It was probably the bright red lips, dark eyes and my low-cut top. Boobs and red lips seem to do it for dudes!

Anyways it was an ace night - I had good times and even wore heels all night. I forgot to take a picture of my face but here's the same-ish make-up from a few weeks ago

One day, I will work out the trick to a) keeping my lipstick on all night (it fades so quickly) and b) the lipstick not bleeding a few hours into the night. Is it because the lipstick is cheap? Is my lip-liner too cheap? Am I just bad at application? WHO KNOWS.

Ugh. I have eaten really badly this week and haven't drunk as much water as I normally do. I want to be healthier dammit! I'm just really bad at forward planning with lunches and what I want to eat :( Instead just this evening I've had apple pie and custard, two Wispas and a cup of tea - bad times :(
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I had a weekend filled with good things! A lot of chilling, some GLORIOUS weather that hit 27 yesterday and the return of October! For those not aware, October is one of my favourite months as it leads up to Halloween!! Also, since about 2005, I have been half-heartedly taking part in something [livejournal.com profile] kacfrog711 started called Dark Art October. Basically, it is a month of twisted fan art all through the month. Delicious.

This year I plan to be better! Last night I sat on the sofa with Dave, watching "Shaun of the Dead" (how perfect) and started to sketch. Sadly it hit midnight before the image was done but I sat up regardless and finished it. I even used colours. COLOURS. I KNOW! Markers, even! I'm actually really proud of it, even though the scanner destroyed it >:(

Lisa and burnt Alessa from Silent Hill 1. I have never properly played these games but I am so in love with them, TERRIFYING :D

I think that's why I'm still walking around )

So there may be a lot more art posted in this journal over the next month. I really should be good and upload it to my art account as well - [livejournal.com profile] icarusishappy.

In other happy making news, I am doing a bit of cosplay this month so I went out in the GLORIOUS SUNSHINE yesterday to do a bit of Charity Shop Buying. And it was amazing! As I mentioned to [livejournal.com profile] philosiraptor, I got a handbag, belt, shirt, top, trenchcoat and jacket all for about £21. That's roughly $30. AH-MAZING. So I camwhored it up. With my webcam. Because I am vain like that.

Also, behold my random silly faces.

commodity fetishism, how I have not used that tag for a while! )

What else have I done....OH YES. REMEMBER I TOLD YOU ALL ABOUT MY ZOMBIE MISBEHAVING? How could you forget? Well I woke up today and checked Facebook to have a message from one of my fellow zombies saying "you're famous!" plus another zombie tagging me in a photo. They used a photo they took of us in the lift as our Zombie Base Camp for The Independent on Sunday. OH MY GOD, I was so thrilled. I want a larger copy of the photo! We look awesome! Check it out for yourself:

The Zombies Are Coming

;____; so proud ;_____;

Here's the photo! Behold my RAWR face

I love zombies, you guys. So much ♥

How were your weekends? ♥
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So, as I mentioned in my LJ post back around the 10th of this month (fuck me, where did the month go??), I was just about to take part in a Zombie Running School in preparation for the "utilising a city as a platform" live action game, 2.8 Hours Later.

I emerged from the Running School exhausted, exhilarated and giddy at the thought of the game. We prepared by practising our lumbering, moaning, "Shaun of the Dead" zombie movies, playing acting games and playing 3 fast-paced games of "Capture the Flag."

Needless to say, those who have met me in real life, will attest to the fact that fitness and exercise are pretty low on my list of life. Somewhere down after "getting blood drawn" and "going to the dentist for injections." I just am lazy! I like being lazy! Speed is not my thing!

So I came out of the school enthused for the actual zombie event but completely underwhelmed with my physical fitness. I thought I was going to die at one point. I resolved to ~CHANGE THINGS~ and to ~DO CARDIO~ and ~EAT HEALTHILY~ in preparation for the hardcore running of the game. And in that interim 10 days did I do these things? Did I fuck. I sat on my arse and ate pizza, or sweets.

I was not exactly bursting with confidence when last Thursday rolled around, the night of the first game. I was going to be an embarassment to the zombie horde! I was going to run like a bitch out of hell!!!....and then proceed to need medical attention as my body revolted at the sudden exercise. It was going to be a mess, I was convinced! But so excited! So many intense feelings about zombies!

I can safely say, I did myself motherfucking proud.

Check out this video for an idea of the game! I appear briefly around the 5.47 mark. Listen to me scream :D

More on the actual game to follow! And photos!

.....I miss my bloody Silent Hill/Lisa icon. Might have to bring her back for zombie discussions. AND DARK!ART OCTOBER :DDDD
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My boy and I are dorks and follow a vigorous beauty routine

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My life, the past week or so, and the reason for radio silence.

this happened )

In other news, why haven't my tweets been shipped over? Bizarre
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Tattoo photos! Because I promised [livejournal.com profile] blondiusmaximus i'd totally put them up once i got it done and i know what I'm like with promises like that.

The secret added bonus to this is that I went on my photobucket for the first time in months (since my old external harddrive crashed, oh Helena I miss thee!!) and found out that I wasn't as much of a complete n00b (or Nub as animesoc have taken to reterming it) and uploaded my photos from the September The Academy Is... gig in full resolution. YES. I would triumphantly fist-pump the air but that would involve movement. So I will emoticon my joy instead: \o\ \o/ /o/ \o/ \o\ \o/ /o/

It does not seem i uploaded any of my travel photos in such resolution though. Fail.

Anyways! As I am uploading them now to photobucket, and cooing over William Beckett (seriously, boy, YOUR FACE and your VOICE and your hot hot band!) and also apparently going onto facebook and finding a workmate's photos (fuck, she is so pretty! in one of her profile photos she looks like Alicia Way, how is that fair? I want to be that pretty!) I was actually going to be really cruel and just ramble tons about stupid stuff but I decided not to. I feel it is a better idea just to let the photos speak for themselves.

Also, I am cross-posting them to my other journal, my theoretical art-and-fic journal [livejournal.com profile] icarusishappy so apologies if you see this more than once. But I am well proud of myself for getting this done so you can deal with it :D

Small thumbnail OF MY THIGH 12 HOURS AGO


here thar be needles and ink and tattoooooooosss )


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i touch the fire and it freezes me )
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The rules:
Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with your picture

everyone knows camwhoring is one of my favourite things hahahha

although apparently 2am is not my time!
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The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated!

God, it's been weeks since I last updated or even talked to most of you properly! Let's recap briefly, shall we?

Work like the hounds of hell were on my back. Summer scheme until the Friday before I went away. Work Saturday - babysat Sat night.
Work Sunday,
Work Monday,
off Tuesday - got piercings, hair done, had meal with Libby and Jules and summer scheme people, Wednesday! FINAL SHIFT AT WORK! (looked really special with plasters on my face though, ha ha ha)
Finished up work
Impromptu night of Guitar Hero and alcohol and fun with people from McDonalds! Last people fucked off at 5am. 5am!!
DID NOT PACK A THING UNTIL 9am that morning, the day I was leaving (and my flight was at 1), almost missed my flight because I got caught up in security and, oh yeah, I HAVE A HOUSE!

I have a new address in Leeds! So, update your info, mofos!

Kathryn Denvir
11 Thornville Grove
Hyde Park

There is also something else I did...

Thou shalt not make cuttings in your flesh like the dead )

So. That is the rundown of my life so far! On the forthcoming list!

- I have a bunch of photos to put up of my summer because some of it was awesome,
- Take photos of the new house once i've started proper decorating (I moved in on Monday, Andy hasn't moved in yet and mum is arriving with the majority of my stuff tonight)
- I've to upload the Panic!At The Astoria music clips for [livejournal.com profile] sekkritbandomlj
- Sort out university course (there was a cock-up with my transfer file so i am logging onto servers with Andy's name and can't register for this year's modules :( )
- Show people my Wentz-face that I have started to pull
- Goddamn, [livejournal.com profile] peterickfics art prompt! 24th Sepemter!
- Buy tickets! The Academy Is.... 2 weeks time! Leeds!
Gym Class Heroes Day after TAI...!!
Fall Out Boy October. Need to decide which venue - [livejournal.com profile] blindeadmcjones still coming with?
Sia(??) ...October/November time?
Tilly And The Wall(??) November, I think
Cobra Starship JANUARY!!
- Uselessly repeat to myself that no, bandom has no taken over my life
- Get a job.
- Signed up for [livejournal.com profile] mcrhalloween

There are other things, fun fandom things but I will get around to those. Just as soon as I get internet in the house (or earlier) and get back into the swing of Leeds life.

In unrelated uni talk/rambling/camwhoring
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Example one - about an hour ago. (BONUS KITTEN!!)

Example two - 5 minutes ago

Being prepared for crew-night out? PRICELESS

Seriously. Make up does amazing things people!
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SO! Imagine, if you will, a Werid Shit life. Bring yourself to this world with my words.

You do not sleep the night before your open shift. You climb into bed, having set the computer to download all of Nobuta wo Produce and Kimi wa Petto after buying TONS OF STUFF in Belfast that day. You go to Belfast with the Mother and the Brother - The Brother's Drink explodes in your handbag and your courtesy phone (because your other one is being fixed after JUST RANDOMLY DYING IN LONDON) does not switch on anymore.

You lie awake from midnight, closing your eyes and everytime you wake up, only 20-30 minutes has passed. Nothing you do lulls you to sleep. Sigh.

You climb out of bed at 6am to head to work. As you leave your park you discover that, whilst your CD player worked last night despite being drenched in coke, TODAY IT DOES NOT. You trek down to work in silence, entertaining yourself with THE POWERS OF YOUR MIND and THE GLORY THAT IS BANDOM (all the while thinking that it is TOO EARLY FOR THIS SHIT)

You find a kitten. Curled into the corner of a shop door on the main street of your town. You try to pick it up only for it to DART ACROSS THE ROAD AND ALMOST GET HIT BY A CAR. You freak out (you've seen cats die recently and almost hit another one a week ago going into work) and go to it. Some random man (and what the fuck is he even doing UP at 6:30??) helps you catch it. It's tiny and terrified and cries and you hold it, feeling it shiver. You take it into work. Your shift manager for the day (Kev) lets you in when he arrives and you hold the kitten as you pace around the store. Eventually you phone your dad to take it home and look after it because you cannot just LEAVE IT in the crew room for your 9 hour shift and it's so tiny and needs to be looked after.

You work until 4 and stumble out of work. Return home to the kitten.


But isn't it ADORABLE?!

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okay guys! So, I have been scarce on LJ for a while because I was being fucked over with work last weekend, it was my beloved mother's birthday on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was at MOTHERFUCKING PANIC AT THE DISCO, Thursday I was on the early shift at work and then spent the night sitting with my glorious girls in Newcastle baking and chatting and drinking tea and I've been working since.

BUT I HAVE TIME NOW TO POST! And what am I going to post about? absolutely nothing. I am going to DESTROY THE INTERNETS with my photos from Panic. Because some of them came out really REALLY awesome.

I am going to revise this post a little later and include a proper report of the gig but for now, I am going to just show you photos.

Divided into two sections! The first is the clear, good photos and the second is SPECIALLY FOR [livejournal.com profile] sekkritbandomlj, DARLING MANDI, because the photos are blurry. She understands why. Hope you like ♥

i love this band so fucking much )

Camwhoring! Meet my new adopted children and the lyrics i wrote on their arms and how they looked after the gig! )

Now. FOR THE MANDI! Blurry "artistc" (read as:cannot take proper photos) of Panic!

So...how many of you here know something about jazz? )

My god, that took a lifetime! But utterly worth it. CANNOT WAIT TO PRINT THESE PICTURES OUT, YO!

I have also discovered that my new nickname in McDonalds is "Bubbles" because, as Nicole put it, "I couldn't remember your name and so I started describing you as the really bubbly, happy girl and then just called you Bubbles." So....Bubbles am I.
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Except for the part where we finally left the store at 2:20am this morning. And I walked home.


i have these photos to remind me of the night. WIN )
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Survived work and managed to get some fic read before i passed out last night. good times great days. camwhoring again


doing wentz and ryro proud )

In other news - still open for prompts! Art - fic, any fandoms! Go mad people!

Will respond to comments later tonight ♥
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I have been shocking with this LJ thing. There is much to be caught up on and uploaded and things to tell people. And I am going to do all these things tomorrow before I go back to work. TO WORK.

Fuck you McDonalds. Fuck you.

So instead of doing anything remotely fucking productive and feeling awful (the feelings of which i try to alleviate with tea) have some camwhore photos of my hair. Because the last ones I uploaded didn't display the BEAUTIFUL COLOURS

camwhoring. am i turning into Ryan ross? but without the hipbones? )
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Okay so, um sorry for the last entry. I'm not apologising for the content, I'm apologising for loading that onto you lot. However, ha ha ha, behold my brain when depressed! That's actually pretty close to my thoughts straight from my mind. Scary, isn't it?

And, of course, after I am an ass on the internet, Erica's letter arrives this morning. And doesn't quite make me cry (I had all my makeup done for the day) but did make my heart clench painfully. But in a good way. I love you.

I love all of you. You're all way too good to me and I can't help but thank you.

So! I didn't sleep last night and have now been awake for 28 hours but I got my hair done today. Didn't get the piercings. Maybe tomorrow. So, in the tradition of being a LJ Whore, have some photos of the new do. And my BEAUTIFUL 'My Chemical Romance' Madison Square Garden t-shirt. And some of me in my 'Noct hat' as Ash and I are calling it.

Behold lj-whoring! )

Plus I'm about to competely overhaul my icons. Are there any you associate with me or think I should keep?
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[livejournal.com profile] darthzal I only got your comment. I'm so so sorry!

I am knackered my darlings.

But I'm here, I'm alive, I'm back.


Any questions?

Look look! A pic of a Kat - a Neko - at university!

Sumimasen!! )


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