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So, we as fandom have been having a sucky week. Panic has split into two halves, Ryan Ross has photos posted of him hanging with faux-hipster girls and lines of coke and people have been leaving bandom. It's wank and I feel really wierd as i flew over to London to see Panic a year and a day ago and now i won't see that band in that incarnation anymore. It's weird and working the close after hearing it with "We're So Starving" as an unwanted constant earworm was uncomfortable (oh how it's been so long, we're so sorry we've been gone....We're still the same band)

In other news though, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are just an adorable couple - they make my heart happy :)

I need Amanda Palmer icons, she is one of my idols, honest to god. I so am dying to get my hands on the "Big Book of Who Killed Amanda Palmer" dammit!

So to make myself feel better and because everything is made better by pictures of kittens, i would like to introduce you to the latest additions to the Denvir clan! The little ones are about 3 weeks old now and i am madly enamoured with them. After the funeral suck and work suck of last week, watching baby kittens stumble around getting used to walking and seeing made an awful lot of things better.

I also passed my year! Got my results for the year so i had a 48 and 50 on two modules that killed me during breakdowns, a 55 and 60 in first semester core modules and a 64 and a 68 in this semesters exams! A 68!! that's a mark away from a 1st!! So i'm gathering my reading for next year and have Thomas Hardy, Virginia Woolf, D.H Lawrence, James Joyce and Bram Stoker all piled beside my bed at the bed. Lucky me!

Anyone got any questions for me?

Kittens! Beware the cute )
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Why oh why did I think doing "shieldmaidens, matriarchs and monsters: women in medieval scandanavian literature" was a good alternative to "Romance, Ballad and Fairytales"? Studying Old Icelandic does not = win. Tears, people. Tears of blood.

Kittencam is possibly the cutest thing in the world, ever. I am listening to kitten meow as I read the Volsunga Saga. [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_xisha is my pimp for my own special kinds of crack.

"Supernatural" makes my life. Sam! Dean! Demons! Angels who are dicks! "Eye of the Tiger"! Winchesters! Also, watching with the soultwinnongirlfriend is also one of the highlights of my week.

WATCHMEN. T-MINUS 4 DAYS! Insert epic flail here.

Work work work work work. i want to sleep instead of work tonight. however since that's not possible, hi Red Bull ilu &hearts
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still ill. was at doctor and he's given me two weeks off work. isn't stopping me from going in tonight though. i promised. hate getting blood taken - almost pass out or be sick everytime. fail.

two weeks off people! prompt me to keep me sane :(

kitten is apparently fascinated by the appearance of words in the blog entry. stop trying to bat the words away, i can't see what i'm typing.

photos of kitten and madness to come later tonight(?) tomorrow (?)

henceforth this icon shall be known as my ill-icon. because Lisa is hot, even when dying. and y'know the blood and stuff. make the links, etc.
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i am lost and confused. the nausea is fading a little but i am still sore and tired and have a bit of a temperature so do i go into work tomorrow? it's at 7am and i've sort of been avoiding food so maybe surrounding myself with mcdonalds is not the best idea ever?

also i really want to clean the house because then i won't have to freak out and rush-clean it on tuesday when mum and dad come home from holiday. and there's tons to be done in the house and i'm not really hurting for money right now - i should be getting an extra £80 on next week's paycheck because they cocked up the last one.

also if you've a stomach bug you're not supposed to work around food but i don't like leaving them sort. fuck.


in other news, kitten is adorable still, my girls are awesome, i am drinking too much tea for my own good and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is an awesome movie.

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i am ill. i have even taken the day off work i am ill. this is a very rare occasion people. true facts.

i cannot stand up for more than 10 minutes or move without gut-wrenching nausea and i have a temperature and am cold and hot and achy and tired and sore and too awake. yuk yuk yuk

however i did have a glorious Jules in my house last night after we were all together at Lillybet's and we sat swapping music and chatting and looking at florida photos until 5am. then i passed out. and woke up at 9 and called work.

jules also helped me figure out how to CORRECTLY WORK Helena so now i am transferring music. good times great days. (Helena is my external harddrive)

i am going back to bed now to nap and not be sick and drink tea and feel sorry for myself and watch DVDs and cuddle kitten.

any and all recs or love or music pimping? totally ♥'d upon
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Example one - about an hour ago. (BONUS KITTEN!!)

Example two - 5 minutes ago

Being prepared for crew-night out? PRICELESS

Seriously. Make up does amazing things people!
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SO! Imagine, if you will, a Werid Shit life. Bring yourself to this world with my words.

You do not sleep the night before your open shift. You climb into bed, having set the computer to download all of Nobuta wo Produce and Kimi wa Petto after buying TONS OF STUFF in Belfast that day. You go to Belfast with the Mother and the Brother - The Brother's Drink explodes in your handbag and your courtesy phone (because your other one is being fixed after JUST RANDOMLY DYING IN LONDON) does not switch on anymore.

You lie awake from midnight, closing your eyes and everytime you wake up, only 20-30 minutes has passed. Nothing you do lulls you to sleep. Sigh.

You climb out of bed at 6am to head to work. As you leave your park you discover that, whilst your CD player worked last night despite being drenched in coke, TODAY IT DOES NOT. You trek down to work in silence, entertaining yourself with THE POWERS OF YOUR MIND and THE GLORY THAT IS BANDOM (all the while thinking that it is TOO EARLY FOR THIS SHIT)

You find a kitten. Curled into the corner of a shop door on the main street of your town. You try to pick it up only for it to DART ACROSS THE ROAD AND ALMOST GET HIT BY A CAR. You freak out (you've seen cats die recently and almost hit another one a week ago going into work) and go to it. Some random man (and what the fuck is he even doing UP at 6:30??) helps you catch it. It's tiny and terrified and cries and you hold it, feeling it shiver. You take it into work. Your shift manager for the day (Kev) lets you in when he arrives and you hold the kitten as you pace around the store. Eventually you phone your dad to take it home and look after it because you cannot just LEAVE IT in the crew room for your 9 hour shift and it's so tiny and needs to be looked after.

You work until 4 and stumble out of work. Return home to the kitten.


But isn't it ADORABLE?!

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Easter's come and gone.

My neighbour came round to our door this morning to tell us our cat Tiger was dead in his garden. He loved Tiger too; fed her and she would go into the house and cuddle up to his wife who died 6 months ago.

First my cat Duke and now Tiger. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

My dad said she wasn't hurt, just had a bloody paw. We think a badger got her. Broke her neck, we think.



We still have Twinkle. That cat is as tough as fuckin' old boots. She knew as well. I don't know how though...

I'm sorry. None of this is probably making much sense. My head's all sort of fuzzy and muddled.

Hence the picture of weepy Angel that I did and the Leah-being-fucked-up-with-her-parents-death poster I'm doing.

I wonder if anyone wants their character to kill her parents. I can't have any more characters. 88 is enough, I think.

I'm gonna bed.


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