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First day back at work.

Same old, same old. Bored for the majority of the day. Realistically, I need to pull my finger out of my backside and start updating my CV and applying for jobs.

Supposed to go back to the gym for the first time in months today, however Dave talked me out of it. To be fair, I was keen on getting home to open my Illamasqua order (new eyeshadows! Eyeliners! Etc!)

This evening I have done very little. Felt a little off kilter.

Spoke to my today about the news I got working on New Years, that a former colleague of mine suddenly passed away on the 27th. She was a woman full of fire and life. It seems so strange. And then another friend told me on Saturday that a mutual friend of ours had also died - implied that it was suicide. She's just written a private blog post, and I've had a little weep in my bed, thinking about him. Couple this with attending a wake for a 20 year old lad on Christmas Eve, and I've been in a weird place.

Sad and strange.

So I am sitting in my bed, about to watch a few "feel good" videos to make it easier to fall asleep and then read for a little bit.
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Just home after a lovely day out, even if it was tinged with sad news. Now eating a delicious margarita pizza in bed, in a slighty tipsy state :)
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It's been days again since updating. I didn't update yesterday because I spent most of the day....on my laptop lounging about in bed hungover. Reading fanfic. My current favourite hitter is The Avengers, unsurprisingly. And I'm easy on pairings, which is fun! With Inception, I wasn't adverse to reading random/rare pairings but Arthur/Eames was 90% of what I read (and most of those fics had background Dom/Mal which I also adored).

But The Avengers, everyone is so hot! Even Agent Coulson! (I am still in denial about THINGS). So I spend most of yesterday reading a lot about Clint/Coulson. There is a fuckton of good fic out there! Also, it seems a lot of really good BDSM fics! Life has been good to me this weekend! Except for, y'know, the hangover. REGARDLESS, any one got any good recs? I'm going to have to get some of the great ones I read this weekend rec'd out.

And today we were due to go use one of our Groupon vouchers having delicious Sunday dinner at a bar called Milo but you had to prebook so we're going next Sunday instead hopefully. Instead we cooked dinner ourselves, cleaned and did clothes washing. Adulthood eh?

Friday night was the cause of my hangover as we were out celebrating/commiserating the leaving of 3 of our admin staff! ;___; It was actually an ace night and I got hit on! It was nice! It was probably the bright red lips, dark eyes and my low-cut top. Boobs and red lips seem to do it for dudes!

Anyways it was an ace night - I had good times and even wore heels all night. I forgot to take a picture of my face but here's the same-ish make-up from a few weeks ago

One day, I will work out the trick to a) keeping my lipstick on all night (it fades so quickly) and b) the lipstick not bleeding a few hours into the night. Is it because the lipstick is cheap? Is my lip-liner too cheap? Am I just bad at application? WHO KNOWS.

Ugh. I have eaten really badly this week and haven't drunk as much water as I normally do. I want to be healthier dammit! I'm just really bad at forward planning with lunches and what I want to eat :( Instead just this evening I've had apple pie and custard, two Wispas and a cup of tea - bad times :(
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Tonight was Pilates night! I've been going since about November of last year with Hannah and tonight was the final one :(

Where else will I get my 2 mile walk, exercise and 2 mile walk home again? It was a little sad today, but also ace. Except for the part where I can't really lift my arms over my head because of the muscle ache from Rock And Pole. But otherwise good times!

It's not the end of seeing Penny, the instructor, though. She also does a Wednesday class called Aerockbics which Han goes to, so starting next week, I'm also going to go. Especially as Penny is doing a Zombie Aerobics routine for Light Night next month :) And we know how I love zombies!

Light Night is an event Leeds holds every year, like an arts and festival thing and it's pretty hard to describe. Here's the site: Light Night Leeds

I've had my bi-weekly chat with Mama D - her eye is almost fully healed after her surgery for her detached retina and she mocked my bruises. I love her. Sadly she was also at a wake this evening for her last of her father's siblings to die. :( But she was in good spirits.

Now I'm chilling in bed, watching some more "30 Rock" with Dave and about to sleep :)
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Oh alcohol, you are not my friend and you have made my stomach sad all day. :( You are so much fun at the start of the night and then it just descends into mess. It is the drunkest I have been in months and it was tons of fun until the puking.

And I've had nausea all day. Quirky fact about me? I will take violent vomiting over nausea. I hate nausea and it makes me whiny and want to be 7, curled up with my mum :////

Plus the hangover has made me a slob today so instead of doing my reading for Milton (which is fucking "Paradise Lost", how can I not be doing this?) I came back up to bed and watched the first 5 episodes of Season 5 Supernatural. This is not what my degree should be about.

I am going to bed to sleep so I can get up, feel like a human being tomorrow, have a probably lukewarm shower, then do my reading so i can meet up with this guy from the seminar at 10 to discuss ideas about Satan's temptation, catch up on the reading I haven't done once he's gone, seminar, choose my unassessed Shakespeare essay question, plan something for it, create my Animesoc Manga Zombie plot, lecture, Manga Meet, home. I can do that.....


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