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So, as I mentioned in my LJ post back around the 10th of this month (fuck me, where did the month go??), I was just about to take part in a Zombie Running School in preparation for the "utilising a city as a platform" live action game, 2.8 Hours Later.

I emerged from the Running School exhausted, exhilarated and giddy at the thought of the game. We prepared by practising our lumbering, moaning, "Shaun of the Dead" zombie movies, playing acting games and playing 3 fast-paced games of "Capture the Flag."

Needless to say, those who have met me in real life, will attest to the fact that fitness and exercise are pretty low on my list of life. Somewhere down after "getting blood drawn" and "going to the dentist for injections." I just am lazy! I like being lazy! Speed is not my thing!

So I came out of the school enthused for the actual zombie event but completely underwhelmed with my physical fitness. I thought I was going to die at one point. I resolved to ~CHANGE THINGS~ and to ~DO CARDIO~ and ~EAT HEALTHILY~ in preparation for the hardcore running of the game. And in that interim 10 days did I do these things? Did I fuck. I sat on my arse and ate pizza, or sweets.

I was not exactly bursting with confidence when last Thursday rolled around, the night of the first game. I was going to be an embarassment to the zombie horde! I was going to run like a bitch out of hell!!!....and then proceed to need medical attention as my body revolted at the sudden exercise. It was going to be a mess, I was convinced! But so excited! So many intense feelings about zombies!

I can safely say, I did myself motherfucking proud.

Check out this video for an idea of the game! I appear briefly around the 5.47 mark. Listen to me scream :D

More on the actual game to follow! And photos!

.....I miss my bloody Silent Hill/Lisa icon. Might have to bring her back for zombie discussions. AND DARK!ART OCTOBER :DDDD
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so, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] baiacu for waking me up from a seriously strange dream. why do i always have to dream in amazing movie format and remember it all?

should i choose a noble occupation? )

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Fandom: Violinist of Hamelin
Sufferer: Lute

:: Welcome In, Welcome In - Shame About The Weather. Yeah Yeah Yeah, You've Got My Eyes ::

They saw him curled around her as if his body wasn't punctured with holes and the floor around him was drenched with his blood. He smiled and they went to say something to him, only to realise that he was dead and his blood was dripping onto her face like rain

Dammit i want to read this so much )
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Fandom: Gundam Wing
Sufferer: Heero Yuy

:: I Want to Touch You, Want To Breathe You, Say, "Fuck You, I Don't Need You - Get Out, Right Now" ::

for [livejournal.com profile] kacfrog711 and her wonderful idea of Dark!Art October

we all knew she's crack one day )
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Fandon: Harry Potter
Sufferer: Harry Potter Himself

:: Your Tears Already Said You Are The One ::

for little brother [livejournal.com profile] sacchifox

wouldn't like to him right about then )
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Kyle watched the lazy flicker of ash as it choked in the snow before he realised that Kenny was talking to him.
"What, dude?"
Kenny stopped, hesitant now, all angles and uncertainty as he lit another cigarette. He took a drag as if it steady himself and then asked, voice all husky and mock-nonchalent,
"Do you remember the first time you found me?"
Kyle stopped, felt his back stiffen against the stone wall, and then laughed softly.
"How could I forget Kenny? It isn't often you find friends dead."

How could I forget Kenny? )

He started to stand, head swimming and wincing as the bones jammed themselves back together and the torn, shredded skin stitched itself up under his duffel coat when she swam into his vision.

She was beautiful and sorrowful and so warm and he was cold - so cold.

"You...you weren't a dream?"

She laughed, extending her arm gracefully and Kenny never heard something so reassuring.

"No Kenny, I wasn't." Her reach faltered as her eyes flickered around the bloodsplattered room and she seemed troubled briefly - but only for a heartbeat that felt like a lifetime.

"It was awful hard on you this time, wasn't it?" Kenny nodded, flashes of silver blades and sharp smiles and the awful cult splicing his brain.

"Maybe not the next time though....ready to go again?"

He paused, then smiled and reached for her hand.

Ready To Go Again, Kenny? )

"See you later Kenny."
"Yeah, later dude." Stan echoed.

He pulled the hood down and smiled, blood dripping down his chin, looking back from the sunlight.
"Not this time guys....."

God he wanted a cigarette and fuck he forgot how much being impaled through the heart hurt - god damn fucking ow - but his mouth was already moving as his flesh itched for the promise of nothingness in the scalding sunlight.

"You can only come back so many times....this was my last time around." He refixed the smile that had slipped once the wound had reannounced itself.
"guess...guess I'll see you guys later, yeah?"

The three standing in the snow, Cartman splattered in blood from the exit wound and Kyle with his bleeding arm and Stan who had ripped his shirt off to stem the bleeding on Kenny's chest too late staring at him as if the word's didn't register.

Stan started suddenly, eyes focusing on him and oh the promise of rest was almost unbearable but his eyes flared with determination

"We....we'll see you later, dude, 'kay? We promise."

The Last Time )
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OK, so I did the close tonight and I'm slightly hyper and I FORGOT IT WAS PANCAKE TUESDAY!!! *facepalms* I do sorta lose at life. XD But mum made pancakes so I'm having some before I go to bed and collapse for work tomorrow. :D

But...No Selkie, I'm afraid. I just have the end of the tale (tail, ha ha ha ha) to draw and then it's done. So...Thursday maybe? Only a week late, but sure! ^_^;;

OH and [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_xisha did you get my text? C'mon, Angel and Seffryn'd be a totally hot ZQL slash couple. Angel regenerates and Seffryn likes to play with knives....Not convinced?

Slash and femmeslash under this cut~! )

And [livejournal.com profile] waxrose, my darling doll, I got your postcard today~!! I will definitely have to return the favour. Kisses! :XX


OK, I'm too hyper. Going to bed, I swear
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Just back from seeing 'Revenge of the Sith'


Nightmares are going to happen




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