Nov. 5th, 2007

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Fandom: Gundam Wing
Sufferer: Duo Maxwell

:: One Is The Loneliest Number ::

it's the loneliest number since the number one )
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Fandom: Loz:OoT
Sufferers: Impa and Sheik

:: Sheikah keep their secrets - whether we want to or not

original version image )

the redux )
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Fandom: Advent Children
Sufferers: Reno and Vincent

:: But you like the pain - don't you Reno? ::

Sick little fuck )
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Fandom: Final Waltz
Sufferers: Ruu, Mikkeil, Jeszryn

:: Showing No Signs Of Pain ::

This is what we are )
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Fandom: Dr. Who
Sufferer: Rose Tyler

:: Galaxies Roll Down My Cheeks ::

"I am the Bad Wolf and I bring chaos," she tells us

I'm coming back )
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Fandom: Tokyo Babylon
Sufferers: Subaru Sumeragi, Seishirou, Hokuto

:: So caught up in each other that our wounds are shared and we don't know where we end ::

i loved you... )
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Fandom: Death Note
Sufferers: Yagami Raito and L/Ryuuzaki

:: This is the only way I can ensure you give me accurate information regarding Kira, Raito-kun ::

many many thanks to [ profile] togeira for suggesting this to me when I was stuck!

bend me break me )
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Fandom: Silent Hill 1
Sufferers: Lisa Garland

:: Harry - don't leave me alone - stay with me, please!" ::

Harry. What a cock.

Hands up who thinks Harry's a cock )
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Fandom: South Park
Sufferer: Kenny

:: Never Got Cold Wearing Nothing In The Snow ::

the bond of friendship )
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Fandom: Derelict Heave
Sufferers: Aroshi and a zombie

:: Dude- Major High-five!! ::

because big brother [ profile] whitehaiku requested a Mav/Aroshi high-five moment and this is what happened. Um...I'm sorry, I think?

..there is something very wrong with you Maverick )
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Fandom: LoZ:Ocarina of Time
Sufferers: ....the audience

:: Until The Time My Body Leaves, I Will Regret That You Don't Breathe ::

blame [ profile] ryutsuki for this.

blame me for cocking up and drawing a Re-Dead instead of a Gibdo. Wank

am i nothing more than a memory? )
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Fandom: Howl's Moving Castle
Sufferers: Sophie and Howl

:: And All I've Got Is This Anguished Heart ::

I thought this was going to happen. Apparently me and movies can't read each other the way we used to

you don't have to do this Sophie, really, i mean-- )
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Fandon: Harry Potter
Sufferer: Harry Potter Himself

:: Your Tears Already Said You Are The One ::

for little brother [ profile] sacchifox

wouldn't like to him right about then )
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Fandom: Gundam Wing
Sufferer: Heero Yuy

:: I Want to Touch You, Want To Breathe You, Say, "Fuck You, I Don't Need You - Get Out, Right Now" ::

for [ profile] kacfrog711 and her wonderful idea of Dark!Art October

we all knew she's crack one day )
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Fandom: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Sufferer: Wolf!Link

:: Be My Saviour And I'll Be Your Downfall ::

Midna requested by [ profile] whitehaiku

and just when you got free before, ha ha )
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Fandom: Dr. Who
Sufferer: Rose Tyler (implied Torchwood workers)

:: I Think My Phone Is Dead As It Hasn't Rung For Months ::

oh Rose

waiting for him )
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Fandom: Violinist of Hamelin
Sufferer: Lute

:: Welcome In, Welcome In - Shame About The Weather. Yeah Yeah Yeah, You've Got My Eyes ::

They saw him curled around her as if his body wasn't punctured with holes and the floor around him was drenched with his blood. He smiled and they went to say something to him, only to realise that he was dead and his blood was dripping onto her face like rain

Dammit i want to read this so much )
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Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Sufferer: Allen Walker

:: With Wide Eyes You Tremble - Your God Know's His Faithful ::

Perversion of the first meeting with Rhode

Allen looked so much better in the sketch )


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