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I didn't get to update yesterday because I was up at 7am to make chocolate buttercream for my Katie J's cake, rolled out to work and then got a taxi straight from work to the coach station with Dave to visit his friend Chris and his girlfriend Tori in Nottingham. So no access to computer that night. Gutting!

I'm knackered as I spent most of the day in the sun and now have a slightly sunburnt chest. So I feel the pull of sleep calling me. Have a picture of the cake I made!

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So, as Death Cab for Cutie sang, it's the new year. 2012 is upon us which is great because a really good chunk of 2011 seriously sucked dick. There were a lot of questions about almost everything in my life, including my mental health and my coping abilities.

However, I made it through the year. I've got a lot of work to do this year. I need to spend more of it away from Dave. Not because I don't love him, I really do, but I'm always quite close to that "I could strangle you" boundary because I spend something like 80% of my week with him. Yes, really, we live together and work together and spend most of our nights together. Which sometimes is amazing. Othertimes, I just want to be living on my own in a house I've decorated by myself and doing exactly what I do or don't want to do with my evenings.

But that's relationships. Just before my birthday (and hey, yeah, I'm totally 25 now - first quarter of a century over me! I will accept all rounds of applause) I redrafted my CV and applied for a bunch of jobs. My aim is to have one before January is over, although I know how hard things are in this climate.

But I am getting ahead of myself! This is my first post of 2012 just to let everyone know that I made it out alive as apparently every Twitter crossposting service I used over the course of the year have just died. And none of my Tweets were shipping over so anyone who hasn't/doesn't follow me on Twitter probably thinks this is an abandoned journal. It's not, I promise! Also, our internet and phoneline went down the day after I got home so I was an entire 10 days without any of the internet. Oh the internet, it's strange how I both did and did not miss you!

I will recap Christmas and all that jazz tomorrow, I think, as I have photos and stuff to put up including just thoughts I want to get out but for now, I just want to say this:

I hope you had an amazing festive season, with loved ones or having adventures or having a quiet family affair. You all still mean so much to me, even though I am so absent, but you are all still always in my thoughts. I love you. Let's make this year glorious ♥
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End of the working week!

Had another excellent Mother's Meeting with Em and Charlie last night with some mighty fine curry and then strawberries and cream for dessert. There were also serious talks about mental health and autism and the legal system! It's not always meaningless chat with us ladies!

We also discussed the plan for our epic night out. We're going to go somewhere nice for dinner, and doll up and then go on the piss. It will be epic. And it'll be the first time we'll have all been out together! Also, the first time I've done anything like that in a loooooong while, so I am excited :)

The tooth problems that I may or may not have mentioned in my last entry....oh no, I definitely did! Well, I was eating a Loveheart tonight (because my Granny loved them and insisted we buy them for her when we saw them and I was nostalgic) and the filling/repair the dentist did on MONDAY came out. WHAT. I paid you £47 to fix it and it didn't even last 5 DAYS. WHAT?!

Luckily for me, the dentist did actually file the tooth down so it's not sore but there is a MASSIVE HOLE IN MY MOLAR. My teeth are seriously out of make my life misery. Faiiiiiil :(

And I had made all these ~plans~ about how I was going to treat myself on my Friday night as I didn't go to Animesoc this week and won't be at Wendyhouse tomorrow with pizza and Diet Coke and then I thought it wasn't such a great idea. Then I went, fuck it half my mouth is still good, and I walked and got myself some motherfucking pizza. My life, ladies and gents. So hardcore.

There was a first promo shot of Tom Hardy released from "The Dark Knight Rises" as Bane! Here it is: Oh god, I am so easy for this man. His back! Look at the muscles! I ended up having a strange conversation with the manager of our local Forbidden Planet about our THardy fixations. It was wonderful.

This is currently how I feel, about work and just life in general:

Although I do not have ice cream like Mark. Sad face :(
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How weird is it that as soon as I sign up for the two week free Paid LJ trial I suddenly have very little to say? Good job me, all that extra icon space going to waste! That really is the only reason I see to have a Paid account - all the extra icon space. I don't really use any of the other features.

The past week has been a tangle of house hunting and various social activities. There was a friend's 25th birthday last Friday where we all went out to Thai Cottage and had lovely Thai food. It was awesome because there was about 20 of us there and the night was going exceedingly well until I had an afterdinner mint and broke off a good 40% of one of my teeth. Luckily (?) it was a tooth I've had a HUGE root canal done on, so I wasn't in pain but the break was so sharp that I couldn't talk or swallow without pain because the broken edges kept rubbing my tongue raw ;____; Which resulted in little sleep that night and stumbling to Boots at 8am on Saturday morning to buy a temporary filling kit. Which, o be fair, did the trick until I got to the dentist on Monday morning.

Saturday was house-hunting then catching up on Friday night sleep and then Eurovision at Sci-Fi House. Absolutely hilarious, even if Azerbijan were blatantly not the best entry. Boooooooooo. Then we watched "Zombie Women of Satan" and "Black Sheep" - both awful and hilarious! Lots of boobs and blood and zombie sheep. Excellent night!

[edit] OH GOD HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT NEIL GAIMAN'S "DOCTOR WHO" EPISODE?! My heart! The TARDIS and the Doctor! All the tension! It was amazing and some was quite creepy and it made my heart clench a lot. Then Confidential had Neil talking about it and narrating some of the script and my heart! The noises I made that only whales could hear! ♥

Rest of the weekend passed uneventfully and the week has been strange too. Especially as we're having Mother's Meeting tonight because Em couldn't make it last night. So I'm all a muddle! We were supposed to view another house tonight but they cancelled because the decorators have started painting and all that jazz so it wasn't suitable for visits. Boooooooo.

At least there will be tasty curry noms tonight! And excellent company too, of course.

The lovely [livejournal.com profile] rogue_dreams made me a little crotchet-bobble Bat Luck Cat and it is adorable! Also, considering my luck the last few weeks/months it fits perfectly! In the last week I have managed to: break a tooth, swallow temporary filling, strained my eyes, lose my housekeys WHILST I AM IN THE HOUSE, banged into a box that HAS NOT MOVED in 4 months and broke a drawer. Something about May clearly doesn't like me! /o\

The past few weeks have been filled with fucktons of "Inception" and "The Social Network" fanficcs. It's strange, but in all the years I've been in fandoms, these are two that have really, really grabbed me! Probably because the quality of writing in them is so phenomenally high, it's astounding. I also have been saving .gifs like they are going out of fashion. So many excellent .gifs! Hilarious and heart-breaking! My favourite kinds of .gif. Share some of my joy!

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It's started.

Frustrated as fuck being home. My tongue is heavy with insults, my shoulders are tense with strain, my skin is itching with frustration.

This is not my home anymore. I knew this within a week of being home over the summer. I was only home for 11 days at Christmas but I felt it then too. That period was easier to cope with because there was Christmas and my birthday and people to see and gifts to be bought.

Being home now is like being forced back into a cage or into an outfit, shoes that you disgarded years ago because it wasn't you anymore, it didn't fit right, the shoes made your feet bleed.

I have no job here anymore, therefore the McDonalds crew barely remember my existence. My Jules is halfway around the world and she allowed me to breathe a bit easier because we both come back for the same reasons. I have few people here I have any desire to go out and see. I was never really attached to home when I was here, I had no circle or chains.

Dave is busy and we've not been much in contact but what could I say? I feel like crying down the phone with my frustration. This place isn't my life anymore. I love my family, I have to remember that, but they drive me mad. And they are my only contact here. (I do count Libby and June and Jenni as points of contact). Dave admitted he wouldn't spend 2 weeks at home. And maybe this is the last time I'll do this.

Next week will surely be better. There is the CAPAA scheme on for 3 days of the week, which will lead to more social contact and keeping my head busy. Then I have dad's birthday on the 12th and then Leeds on the 14th. But that's 14 days away from now. 14 days feels like it will drive me out of my skin screaming. It could be that I'm oversensitive and prickly because of the time of month.

Maybe I'll ask Dave to ring me tonight, a touchstone. But he shouldn't have to deal with my crazy. I've only been away 4 days.


This mood also brought to you by the news that if I want my lovely Creative Zen to work again, I have to fork out £231 because it's out of warranty but it wasn't when it broke. fucking idiot.
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I feel like a bad person for it but I am dying to download "The Fame Monster". Oh Lady Gaga, why must you make such catchy tunes that earworm me and then be so amazingly dedicated to being so fucking wierd? Such a girlcrush on that lady.

I am in the wastelands of Nireland once more! I'm worried because this trip will be the longest I've been home since summer and then I was working two jobs so the summer went stupidly quick (as far as I can remember, I think I've blocked most the trauma out. \o/? )

Part of me also feels a little bad that I didn't find it as hard to say goodbye to Dave as I did at Christmas or during the summer. Is that wrong? Maybe it's a good sign? I don't know. Emotionally fail, right here.

Luckily my grand plans for being here do not consist of very much more than catching up on my reading from uni ('sup Shakespeare and Milton and Nietzsche) and writing up notes and maybe, just maybe, starting on my two 4000 word essays for Milton and Stories of the Eye.

Side note: Bataille's "Stories of the Eye" was strange and slightly disappointing and horrifying. It's stuck with me.

Part of me also wants to get my creative ass into gear and:
- finalise the Doldrums design
- write some more Lucasta
- get involved in new ZQL postings
- start work proper on Leeds Animesoc Zombie Manga
Whether this happens remains to be seen.

16 days at home. Today is day 2 and my little brother's birthday. He's 22. I'll be 24 in December. This amazes me in multiple different ways. Mama Denvir will be returning to Leeds with me on the 14th. And meeting Dave.

My Creative Vision W Zen player that came travelling with me still does not work but I swore I was going to be able to fix it because I had firmware software to repair it with. Except the computer doesn't even recognise it. Sadface is sad :(((((

I am now going to go and create a list of Things Wot To Ackomplish.
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Results from my exams in January have all come through.
Narratives of Japanese Modernity: 70
Literature of the 1890s: 68
Modern Literature: 60
An small explanation of the UK university system. 90 is the highest mark you can get, which is marked as an Exceptional First, 40 is the minimum Pass mark and the grade boundaries therefore stretch as such:
Exceptional First
2:1 (High, Marginal, Borderline)
2:2 (High, Marginal, Borderline)
Third (High, Marginal)
Bare Pass
Marginal Fail

With all the faffery of last year, I finished the year with 3 2:1 grades, 2 2:2 grades and a High Third. One of the 2:2's was a module I was trying to write essays during a black patch of depression and the Third was the Shieldmaidens module which I never really wanted to do, but had to and try and pass with only a few weeks to catch up on a semester's worth of bunking.

So for me to complete my first semester of Final Year with 2 2:1's and a First is amazing to me.

Granted, my studying this far this semester has slipped because of February Blues and etc etc but it makes me think I might be able to achieve a 2:1 degree. Which would be amazing.

Currently, I am very sleepy as I spent the past 2 nights at Dave's. Wednesday I came down after a Nando's dinner and seeing "The Princess and the Frog" with Leah and Hannah and we fucking loved it. Disney, oh Disney. So Wednesday night was okay but Thursday I had an essay due in for today at 11am so that had to be written. Yesterday was spent before my laptop, in Dave's bed, attempting to construct something that had a semblance of order to it. Although, considering I was aiming at writing about 1200 words, managing to hit the 1700 word target pleased me greatly. But because of the secondary reading I had to do before I could write the essay, I didn't write a word until 6-7pm. I was finished at 2:30am but Dave and I lay in bed watching Nip/Tuck and stuff so it was definitely after 4:30 when I went to sleep. Then I had to get up at 10am to buy "As You Like It" and come to my seminar and make some vague sense.

Seminar was pretty fun though, we discussed genitalia in Shakespeare, gender boundaries, meta-theatre, Scandanavians being horny because it's dark so much of the year, Spring being sexy and Greek pedophiles (my seminar tutors term, not mine). So I managed to work my way through it all.

Came home, ate, and now am finished folding clothes from Monday before I pull myself together and head down to Dave's again. We have a Date Night ahead of us.

I feel I should also mention that I feel sort of ostracised from a lot of people for a lot of reasons, but not knowing what to do. I'm trying to finish my degree which means that my time for recreation has been cut down and also, my temper has frayed quite a bit recently. I'm abrasive and it's really fucking obvious when I'm unimpressed with people because my face is expressive and I hate feeling like I'm the one bringing bad vibes to a group. But it's the way I am at the minute. I'm prickly and horrible and grumpy and I can't promise to be better.

But I can tell you that I feel like shit.
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....So....are Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer engaged? Twitpic from Neil has a photo with Amanda with what looks like an engagement ring on her finger.

In other news, 'sup exam in 20 hours and oh god am i not ready for it. I think I might actually have a heart attack
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7523 words of 7000 total.

Conclusions are done. Bibliographies are going to be hastily pulled the fuck together in the morning (morning read: 5 hours)

Fucking fuck fuck i want to die.

p.s. headache that appeared randomly this morning and then returned at 6pm tonight and then again at 9pm? Fuck you. No love.
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My brain hurts, I haven't showered in 6 days, my eyes are aching and my wrists are protesting against the overusage forced upon them the past 6 days.

I can't do this. I get bursts of energy, I've written 600 words from 12 to 2 but I have done nothing this hour. because I'm tired and I don't want to do this anymore.

I want to sit in bed. I want cuddles from Dave because I haven't seen him since New Year's Day. I want to fight with someone. I want to dress up and go out and have a nice night with people. I want to write my New Years Letters because I have not had the time to yet. I want to go out and play in the snow. I want to go food-shopping because my cupboards are empty.

i want.

just a pity that i can't. 45 hours to the first deadline, 48 hours to the second deadline. 2000 words to go. Half one essay and the finalisation of the second.

i'm so tired
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Is there a way someone can TAKE THE INTERNET AWAY FROM ME? Honestly, please? Just leave me that academic online sites like JSTOR and MUSE and stuff so I can do some work but if I go onto facebook, the Leeds anime forum, LJ or TVTropes (which I choose today to explore, fucking tit) to see if anyone's updated, I may just shoot myself in the face and get it over with.

This is probably the most words I've typed in one go all day. Do you know how ridiculously fail that is? I have, in my head, all of tomorrow and the rest of today to write 2900 words about something I could talk about, not a fucking problem but cannot write anything for the life of me.

Oh, and the library is shutting up 3 hours early tonight (i.e in less than an hour) due to 'adverse weather conditions'. It is snow. The world has not stopped, there is not a nuclear apocalypse, we are not being snowed in even.

...That's a bit dickish of me, I mean, it's probably dangerous for the library staff to be driving home in the cold weather. Plus it is really cold on this floor so I should appreciate the opportunity to go home. Although if I was really sensible I would also have my shoes on.

I can see that look, by the way. I like to sit indian-style in chairs. And my shoes were wet with snow earlier today. And I am wearing 4 layers on my legs. Don't judge me!

....I am going home to get some chips from a take-away and a big mug of tea. And possibly cry onto my keyboard.
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It is before midday, I have almost exactly 7 days to write and submit a 3000 word essay (and 7 days and 4 hours to write and submit a 4000 word essay).

Is it wrong of me as a student of academia to think that writing on cultural studies makes me feel a little wrong? It's highly strange to have to produce 3000 words that are my own opinion as explored and augmented with other critical commentary.

Of course, the difficult thing is that I am quite stressed at the minute and, as I have discovered from university CALM websites and depression and a myriad of other sources, when you are stressed it is difficult for you to decide on 'things'. Unfortunately, this apparently also translates to having an opinion on works of anime. I don't think it would be conducive to my grade to write a 3000 word essay on how "Spirited Away" is just, like, really pretty? And easy watching?


No. Definitely not conducive.

Also, because this module is in the East Asian Department rather than my usual English Department hauntings, apparently there are different ways of referencing and writing the essay. This is highly perturbing!

I am totally being epic at procrastination. I am going to go to the department (pick up an essay writing guide), go to the union (pick up birthday card for granny and some brain food), try not to pull my hair out, re-watch "Spirited Away" in the library and then write at least 1000 words before midnight. Totally manageable, right?
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This is not the journal entry you are looking for! This is an obligatory "I am not dead! But not far off it!" entry.

Okay, so. Mega-ultra-insane recap?

- Leeds lost my change of programme form
- Leeds have locked my student email account because I was on a year out
- I can not register for this current year of student whilst account is locked
- Cannot register for english modules whilst account is locked
- There are problems with my student loan coming through
- I have no money
- I have rent to pay
- I have bills to pay
- I have books to buy
- I still have debt collectors after me
- I have no internet in the house
- I cannot return to university whilst I am on a year out for "health reasons" without a doctors note.
- I has no job

Which means that there is a lot I am trying to sort out within the confines of the university structure!

However, I can inform people about bills and stuff, I have emailed people about the modules and have been to the English department a lot, I am going to the doctors tomorrow as well as applying for a few jobs, the internet is being installed next Wednesday, the account is almost unlocked, I have spoken to the debt collectors and....um I has awesome [livejournal.com profile] lethalbutterfly in my lifes?

IN OTHER WORDS. I am around and here. But...I'm also not. Hopefully by the time we get the internet installed into the house next week, things will not be so insane and I will be rambling about the modules I am studying.

But until then, think positively for me!

♥ xox
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Okay so. Story of my life.

My life is hectic right now. As in Surviving On Caffeine, Swinging Between Mania and Passing Out, Headless Chicken, Being Cased By A Serial Killer Looking To Make A Suit Out Of My Skin Hectic.

Last week was summer scheme, work, cleaning, sorting out loans, emailing about houses, phoning about houses, not sleeping much, Dublin with June and Jules from Thursday to Friday. Train breaks down on Friday afternoon - Libby's boyfriend breaks up with her and we are stuck in the middle of the countryside. Finally get to a stop at 7pm, mum picks us up at 8, we get to Libby at 9, stay with her until 2. Work work work.

Let's breakdown my schedule at the minute, from yesterday.

Tuesday Summer scheme from 10am until 4. Got home, helped mum apply for student loan for me, slept for an hour, out with Girls for final Tuesday Night Congregation. See Batman again, terrorise Tesco, take photos, leave my house at 3:40am
Wednesday Up at 9am for summer scheme. 10-3. Into work from 4-close (midnight or so)
Thursday Summer scheme until 3, work from 4 to close
Friday Summer scheme until 3, work from 4 to close
Saturday Taken someone's 12-8 shift
Sunday Swapped next week's shift, 4-close
Monday On the open, 7-4
Tuesday Off but meeting Jules And Libby
Wednesday On an 11-7
Thursday Hopefully fly back to Leeds

....Plus I have to pack, sort out flights, a place to stay when I'm there and sort out my debt.

Fuck. fuck!

So I am sort of on hiatus at the minute, as I am shit. :(

Happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] sekkritbandomlj and I'm sorry I haven't produced anything for you yet!

Happy early birthhdays to [livejournal.com profile] whitehaiku, my beloved big brother and [livejournal.com profile] waxrose, my beautiful Canadian wife in case I am crap and do not get online during those days.

So. um. Will try to keep you all updated? Sorry for being crap at the minute. :(
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Fandom birthday. Right

Here's the story people - this is a lot of info about me and why I am really really shit at being a friend and why you should probably de-friend me.

what a wonderful charicature of intimacy )

There we go folks. More than you ever wanted to know about me.

So, (even if you didn't read the ramble), what I am proposing to do is not to postpone the birthday. I don't want to do that and I really want to do it. I'm just...taking my time with it, is that okay? Because I really want to do well by you lot and I want the gifts to be good and I don't want to give out slapdash presents. Because I adore you lot and want to do right by you. Is...I mean, are people okay with this?

And there we have it.
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this sleeping for 14 hours body, it needs to stop. i have shit to do! totally important stuff! argh. oh wait.


Fail is my first last AND middle name. Damn.

So! [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_xisha pointed out in last night's journal entry that people might have been a little confused by my talk of THE FANDOM BIRTHDAY

I am wearing my awesome trilby hat right now and i feel like some strange steam-punk film noir-esq journalist. it is totally awesome

Let's start with some basic background. I am a fangirl is probably the very first basic fact. I'm pretty certain everyone that is reading this entry knows this but, just for those not in the know. I love to get involved in debates and discussions about movies, anime, tv shows, bands, music, comics, you name it but Northern Ireland hasn't been exceptionally good at producing fan-persons. (well except for McDonalds but that's only happened recently)

So, I came on the internets looking for people to chat to, back in the day when I was a total N00B and reading fanfiction (and writing bad-fic oh my god). And I found them and I loved it and here I am today. Into things I never imagined I might enjoy and with a bunch of awesome fandoms and awesome PEOPLE in each fandom - people I admire, people I love, people to bounce off with insane ideas, people to write for and who do things for me.

About 4 years ago I FINALLY started reading the Harry Potter books, after years of snorting derisively at them and I loved them. As most of the people who kept trying to get me to read them knew I would. So, in 2005, awaiting my A-Level results, I realised that August 10th 2004 was the day I said to my friend [livejournal.com profile] donal (who had been lending me the books to read) that I was totally into them. So I LJ posted and asked people to request things for my Harry Potter Fandom Birthday.

The idea behind it was to celebrate my being in the Harry Potter fandom by giving gifts to the magnificent people I had met due to being in the fandom. However, the next year I realised that being just a HP birthday limited quite a few on my F-list. So I expanded it to beyond just the HP fandom and made it all fandoms.

Last year, after Leeds, I wasn't quite in the right headspace for doing fandom birthday but this year, I've travelled. I'm more of a fangirl than ever, I have a bunch of awesome new people on my flist, I have new fandoms and I feel like celebrating more than ever this year.

Also, as I realised in a discussion with [livejournal.com profile] sekkritbandomlj last night, that I've actually been in fandom for about 8-9 years. Since I first was online, reading Legend of Zelda fanfiction, joining [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_xisha's ZQL list (through my beautiful, glorious big sis [livejournal.com profile] darth_zal). So, this is 9 or so years I am celebrating.

So that's the idea of Fandom Birthday. It's my way of celebrating each and every one of you. It's celebrating the things that have brought us together, it's challenging me to ACTUAL CONTRIBUTE TO FANDOM, it's reminding me of every fandom I loved, I lost, I still harbour a secret thing for, fandoms I don't know yet, fandoms I'm still tiptoeing around the edges of.

Hopefully that's explained the idea. So! With all that explained, I am totally expecting YOU ALL to go back two entries to the fandom birthday request post and get involved. You can totally request for fandoms I haven't listed - even your own RP 'verses as long as you give me enough information. Even comics, online comics, anything. Cross-over verses! Retelling myths with fandom characters! Making fanmixes! Icons! Art! Writing! I'm totally up for this and I want it.

Help me celebrate the things that keep me going.

♥ ♥ ♥
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Except for the part where we finally left the store at 2:20am this morning. And I walked home.


i have these photos to remind me of the night. WIN )
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Supposed to be leaving for work in, oh, 10-15 minutes? I haven't even found my clean uniform yet.


Although, on the plus side, Kev and I are both bringing our laptops into work tonight to exchange music and play our own stuff instead of the same This Is Middle Of The Road Generic Pop 67 or whatever it's called. It isn't actually that bad a compilation - it's just listening to it on repeat, all shift, 5 days a week means it gets a little old very quickly. Doesn't stop me singing along to Gym Class Heroes every time it comes on though.

Did not actually get to write any more of ZombieVampireBandom!AU fic last night as it was nearly 4 when i crawled into bed but I have been plotting! There will be more - oh yes, there will be more.

Okay. Now need to leave in about 5 minutes. /o\


[edit] 555 entries!

[son of edit] using work wi-fi! good times! thanks mcdonalds! sometimes you don't suck as hard as i think you do!

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it is nearly 6am in the morning. I should be asleep. And I'm not because I have been faffing about on LJ like a twat for the past bundle of hours since [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_xisha oh so wisely went to bed, reading fic and researching Arashi being special.

And I can't sleep now because I read Death Note fics and now I need to write this.

this colossal mass has broken up to bits in my throat )

Wow. That's awful.

Right, well that was nothing like it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be dark and dangerous and have something along the lines of and Light tapped his fingers and heard nothing but death but apparently not to be.
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Look - I am alive! Yes, my friends, fear not - I have survived the vast plains of Japanada and have only a few more days here tragically! Am also ridiculously broke. :( This is not the best start to international travels!

So this is a short message to let you lot know that I am OK and enjoying myself and I hit the States on the 4th of Februrary. However, because I am retarded, I require help. Oh yes, I am of the special.

I need help finding somewhere to crash in LA for a few days until I can find a job that hopefully includes a space to stay in. I've got my godmother's nephew who lives in LA who's going to help me out finding a job, me thinks and with picking me up from the airport but! I need help. Does anyone have any suggestions? Comments? Mockery? I accept all!

Sorry guys!

♥ ♥


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