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[livejournal.com profile] mystagic did a thing where you explain the stories behind 5 of your icons. So I volunteered and here I am, spilling my guts!

Also, I am waiting for the colour in my hair to develop, so killing time only works in my favour at the minute.

First one!

Keywordsmcgonagall only speaks truth, there is something wrong with you, you are demented.

This one is one of my newest icons, resparked by my love of [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_project. I was reminded of it a few months ago and went hunting it all down after the community was hacked and all the entries deleted. Sad times :(

It also makes me sad that the .pdf files available to download don't have the handwritten notes included in it. It loses a bit of the charm without them, honestly - is that just me? I am spoiled fan.

ANYWAYS. For those not in the know about Shoebox Project, it was a hilarious Marauders era multi-media fic establishing a lot about the Marauders. And Sirius/Remus as a pairing. It was fantastic and funny and full of tension as the War approached. Anyways, early in it, while it's set at Hogwarts, McGonagall is obviously long-suffering with James Potter and his band of miscreants.

The actual quote comes from a conversation between Sirius and McGonagall as they discuss career options. It pretty much sums up their relationship, and is hilarious. I chose it as it has that fondness and acceptance of the fact that most of the people I encounter on LJ are demented. And utterly brilliant for it. The keywords kinda explain themselves I think. Next!

Keywords:BAMFs, dream a little bigger darling, your mind is the scene of the crime

Arthur and Eames! Inception! My feelings are long and vaired and filled with ~INTENSE FEELINGS~ which I shall spare you all. Needless to say it was perhaps my favourite movie of last year, if not one of my favourites from the last decade or so I've properly been enjoying movies.

There is so much I love about this icon. It's from that fantastic scene where Eames just shows the audience (and Arthur) how much of a Bad Ass Mother Fucker he is, and calls him "darling". It seems like "dream a little bigger, darlng" has become perhaps THE phrase from the movie, especially for fangirls. Which is fantastic, considering the "darling" wasn't even in the script.

Arthur and Eames massively appeal to me as a fanfic reader, a writer and a fan of characters. Arthur presents this cool, collected facade who is charge and resolutely Deals With (Cobb's) Shit. He dresses in the most amazing sharp, business-like fashion but is a motherfucking expert with explosives. He never tends to be sentimental about people except for when he remarks that Mal was "lovely." He revises the plan when he misses the kick like it was an inconsequential thought. He has followed Cobb for years. Arthur is a lesson in badassery.

Eames is a hilarious pseudo-lush who dresses awfully but has a hidden quick wit and a knack for human psychology and interpersonal relationships. Once you consider that Eames' entire job in the dreamscape revolves around being other people, forging identities, his character becomes a lot more interesting and intriguing (not that he wasn't before.) For someone to solidly and convincingly forge an identity, he needs to be believable, and clever, and astute to each person's individual ticks and mannerisms. So the facade he presents in the movie is a carefully orchestrated one to take people off-guard as he filches your wallet (or your heart). And you didn't even notice, did you?

So, I have a lot of feelings about these characters! As I do about Mal and Ariadne and Cobb and Saito and Yusef. But basically, it is my badass icon. NEXT.

Keywords:gabe needs to work on his magic act, inherently ridiculous

This hilarious fool is Gabe Saporta, from Cobra Starship. They are a band who wants to make you dance. The idea for the band came after from Mr. Saporta there: "Citing a personal mythology involving being out in the desert high on peyote and having a conversation with a prophetic cobra."

Gabe is still one of those favourites from my very eager bandom days and this icon just makes me laugh a lot when I actually look at it. Look at him! What is he doing?! He's a guy that confuses me a lot. He sings creepy songs about being in his basement! But he's hilarious and does not take himself seriously. But he's also stupidly hot, especially in a suit.

I have no clue what this photo is from or what the context is, but it is hilarious. It looks like he is trying to make a toothbrush levitate. I don't even know. If I am using this, I am taking the piss (out of myself normally) or I am being silly. There really is not a lot of thoughts behind this icon. NEXT

Keywords: a virgin losing a child, before it all becomes the same old song, surely Heaven waits for you, used to be the right one.

Amanda Fucking Palmer! She used to be tied with Rose Tyler as the Woman Most In My Icons. True fact. Now Billie Piper (as Rose and as Belle du Jour) is the clear winner there. She is married to Neil Gaiman, don't you know? She has a lot of ~feelings~ about things, some of them not right! She is the lead singer of The Dresden Dolls and released an amazing album called "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" which I listened to a whole fucking lot during my final year and since. [brief break there to wash the dye out of my hair, I have no clue how the red has turned out, sigh]

ANYWAYS. Amanda Palmer. And all my lyrical keywords! "A virgin losing a child" comes from "Wolves At Night" by Manchestra Orchestra, "Before it all becomes the same old song" comes from "The (Shipped) Gold Standard" by Fall Out Boy, "Surely Heaven waits for you" is from "Carry On My Wayward Song" by Kansas and "Used to be the right one" is from "The Perfect Fit" by Amanda Palmer.

Basically, this icon is my contemplative/doubting/wistful icon. All the lyrics were chosen to vaguely correspond with what could be making her glance down and away. Except for "Surely Heaven waits for you", the rest of the icons are supposed to be sort of first-person whilst the Kansas lyrics is obviously second-person. The way her head is tilted and the position of her lips always seemed to be like Amanda was sighing or biting her lip, so I wanted to use th. EMOTIONAL ICONS! NEXT


Keywords: storm in the form of a girl, the motion makes me strong

My current profile pic! After the glasses/books one for something like two years, I finally changed it. This gorgeous specimen of womanhood is Lyndsey Ballato/Way or Lyn-Z being as fucking awesome as she is. She is one of my girl crushes that just won't quit. Her attitude! Her tattoos! Her bendy spine! Her pigtails! Her style! She's an artist and a bass player! Yeah, no, she's an awesome lady so I had to have her as one of my icons. I've got a few other icons of her, but I think this is probably my favourite one. Good thing too, it being my profile icon! Ha ha ha.

There's something just really...transient and powerful about this icon. She's obviously in motion, playing the bass but her gaze isn't focused on playing or the crowd, she seems to be gazing beyond that. Her pose is just really strong and unshakeable. Also, love the contrast of the orange stage and her black/white outfit. Plus the little glances of her tattoos. Ugh ♥ Lyn-Z.

The keywords, I'm actually surprised I don't have more of them! "Storm in the form of a girl" came from a keyword or an icon that I think [livejournal.com profile] musesfool had, maybe a Buffy one? Upon doing some searching, it is apparently from Hole's "Heaven Tonight" or Nick Cave's "Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore". Whatever, it's a great line. "The motion makes me strong" comes from Emmy The Great's song "Canopies And Grapes" (apparently not the real title, huh) which I have quoted many times in my icons. Generally in Rose Tyler ones. The verse it's taken from is:
Take some time out to resuscitate my soul,
Take up smoking and drink orange juice and grow.
Teach the mattress to expel you from it's folds
Dry my eyes and keep on walking,
'Til the motion makes me strong,
'Til one day I realise I don't remember that you're gone.

How can I not love that so much and want it used in many keywords? And the piece I used was to emphasise that moving on, movement keeps you going, keeps you strong. I need to remember that sometimes, I think.

So that is my icon masterclass! I hope you enjoy the rambles :) Bed? Bed.
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Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Another excellent quote to live by.

Now, I'm not on Tumblr but I do peruse on occasion, in gluttonuous binges. During one such binge, I found Harry Potter Hipster. Now, some are hilarious and some just really caught my eye. The one below gives me the shivers - in the same way that I did when presented with that image of the charm around Hogwarts crumbling in the cinema.

I am reading Will Self's "Dorian" - about 80 pages from the end, but I've found it quite hard to work through. Self keeps trying to be too clever and he's just too verbose without any charm behind it. Then again, it might be that a lot of the late '80s/early '90s references are just absolutely breezing past me. Which makes me a little sad, but I'm getting there.

Also just realised, I have no tags for reading, only poetry, Milton and Shakespeare. Well, I will resolve that now! "lighthouses in the great sea of time" - a quote from E. P. Whiipple. Yes. That will do.
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Let's not talk about England at the minute.

Have something that will catch you right between the ribs.

Harry Potter According To Fred And George.

Fred and George and that time we pretended to be each other.

Fred and George and that time our sister got a crush on Harry Potter then nearly died.

Fred and George and that time we gave Harry a map.

Fred and George and that time we gambled at Quidditch and won.

Fred and George and fuck you Umbridge we didn’t need to go to school anyway.

Fred and George and bitches be jealous of our awesome joke shop.

George and that time it stopped being Fred and him.
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Fandon: Harry Potter
Sufferer: Harry Potter Himself

:: Your Tears Already Said You Are The One ::

for little brother [livejournal.com profile] sacchifox

wouldn't like to him right about then )
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(look look it's one of the icons I made! :O )

[livejournal.com profile] kacfrog711 - my dear! Here be art! They're all horrific because my computer decided to take not one, not two, not three, but FOUR FUCKING INCIDENTS of shutting down my artwork without warning me. Plus my Open Canvas trial ran out doing the first Sirius image which is why it's a screenshot!

Hope they cheer you up some though!

On the back of a motorbike with your arms outstretched trying to take flight - leaving everything behind )

The second image - only a quick doodle! )

My first ever HeeroxDuo piece! And the first time I've drawn Gundam Wing stuff in about 4 years! )

Don't forget the previous entry about Dark!Art October! Request early! Request often!
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But this...IS AN ART POST. Mainly due to the fact that I sat in Bristol airport for 11 hours yesterday or something.

So, without further preamble (because I have a ton of things I need to do before going into work)

ART~! ♥

Pre-Bristol. Angel and Lapis (RP chars) )

First! Circus boys )

Weird family. Endless sketch of Death, Dream and Delirium )

Z.Q.L - THE GAY QUESTLIST~! Zaion, Seffryn and Angel :D )

Really rough sketch of Sora(KH) and Kami-sama(Saiyuki) - Kings of nothing at all )

Kathryn CAN do shoujo! )

Cobalt and Link sketch )

Just a little something for the pain...RemusxHarry sketch )

Azure and Seraph - AU Angel and Lapis )

Instant Pleasure - Sharlia. )

Tom Riddle and his...'Basilisk'. I blame Dei. )

Leah and Karachi. Gerudo/Sheikah outfit sketch )

Questions? Comments? Searing criticism? ALL ARE WELCOME!
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I am into work at 10am...So why am I posting to LJ at nearly 2am? I am GENIUS!

OK. Random stitched together post.


The start of a Remus/Sirius story (the title of which I can't tell you as it sorta spoils it) that I want advise - critical comments - prompts on.

2000 words under the cut.

Not the most straightforward (or happy) of fics. Punctuation abuse - ahoy!

The infamous amnesia!Sirius fic )


drabbles are coming...yeah...

Oh. Another meme.

Guess the lyrics! )


[Edit] ....How do you insert idents on Lj entries?
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Eick. Foul mood on me currently. Might have something to do with the fact that of the 4 staff members off at 4pm I was the last one to leave at 4:30. YAY FOR WORK. DD:

And then I'm working 8 hours Thursday, 8 hours Friday, 8 hours Saturday, 8 hours Sunday. HURRAH.

I am so unimpressed.

Yo, [livejournal.com profile] kalidor, St. Klena's day? I likes it, ha ha! Pity I won't get to see most of the day. Woe.

OH BY THE BY My computer broke. Actually the house computer broke. This was on a Wednesday (just gone back 440 entries, well done LJ), and I rebooted it on Thursday. Now, we would be back on the internet except that the CD that we borrowed to reinstall broadband says our computer isn't meeting the specks broadband needs. Which is bollocks.

BUT THE POINT IS I've been gone the past almost-week. And it could be a while longer before I'm back due to limited times that I'm able to get to the library (thanks again work). So, yeah. May not be around so much.

There. Point over.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAYS TO [livejournal.com profile] falasama, [livejournal.com profile] kacfrog711 and [livejournal.com profile] wyna_hiros. I have little gifty things for you all - just have to get around to scanning and uploading them.



There's a gift heading your way but I am late, as always. Sorry! -_-

And um....Snape and Remus wanted to wish you a happy birthday but....


they were busy )

Well, the library computer says I've only got a few minutes left so...

Think of me, yeah? :D
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Unimpressed were we?

Well here darling, click the cut! I've made it up to yooouuu! *blinks innocently*

Clicky-click the cut-cut! )

...What? :DDD I know these are woeful - all done in roughly an hour. DD: I will try harder next time.

[Side note from the art - work blows! In tomorrow. D: All love and porn is greatly appreciated~!]
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OK, 20 minutes late but I CANNOT DRAW THREESOMES. I swear to fuck, 1hr and 30 on the sketch. THE SKETCH. DD:

All cut for NOT BEING WORKSAFE. THERE ARE BOY BITS! :O First ever REAL un-worksafe images ever.



Smut ahoy. I'll be over here, glowing bright red. Images away~!

Detention with Snape )

As I'm feeling the flesh made me bad )

I went out into the night, I went out to find some light )

What Gryffindors REALLY get up to )

OK. Seriously. How do they look? And which one should I submit for tomorrow (after tiding it up, of course)?
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*Is it so? Tell me, I need to know
Can we go back inside already?

When in doubt....ART SPAM!

And some of these are not entirely worksafe. The last one esp. And they're not tiny images either!

Please Don't Wear Red Tonight - R/S )

Preforming An Unforgivable - Tom Riddle (unfinished) )

And lastly

Tom Riddle and Harry - Unfinished )

I need to do more often
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OK. As we were traveling through Scotland for untold HOURS on the bus, 'Wires' by Athlete came on my CD player so, loving the song, I lent back and listened - pausing from drawing Final Waltz stuff. I listened quietly, completely absorbed in the song, when all these images flashed in my head where the video usually plays.

And all the images were Harry Potter. I suppose that has to do with seeing the movie and Elizabeth reading the book on the journey but...the images were amazingly intense. So, I wrote the lyrics out and began to recall the images that flashed. Also, I began to draw the first...6 or so images. Unfortunately, some of the images were lost and THAT'S WHERE I NEED YOU LOT! XDDDD

OK, here are the lyrics for 'Wires' (and anyone who wants the song, just poke me for it) and I've put the lines in bold that I need inspiration for. However, if anything comes to you in association with a particular line, please let me know!

OK! And GO!

You got wires....going in
You got wires...coming out of your skin
You got tears, making tracks
I got tears...that are scared of the facts

Running down corridors
Through automatic doors
Got to get to you....
Got to see this through
I see hope is here...
In a plastic box

I've seen christmas lights...
Reflect in your eyes

You got wires...going in
You got wires...coming out of your skin
There's dry blood...on your wrist
Your dry blood...on my fingertip

Running down corridors
Through automatic doors
Got to get to you...
Got to see this through
First night of your life,
Curled up on your own
Looking at you now
You would never know...

I see it in your eyes
I see it in your eyes
You'll be alright

I see it in your eyes
I see it in your eyes
You'll be alright


Running...down corridors,
Through automatic doors...
Got to get to you,

Got to see this through...
I see hope is here,
In a plastic box...
I've seen christmas lights,
Reflect in your eyes.

Down corridors,
Through automatic doors,
Got to get to you, (this is a random possibility - I have an image but I'm unsure)
Got to see this through,
First night of your life,
Curled up on your own,
Looking at you now, (again, unsure of the image - or rather who to include)
You would never know

*sighs* OMG such mad love for that song.

[Edit] Seriously, people that I am engaged to and people that I love...Where the fuck have you all gone?!?! It's like a graveyard on LJ

Tom Riddle Plays With Harry )
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Depending on what you believe

I'm back from Aberdeen. We actually heard the boats were cancelled and we wouldn't even be leaving until this time today, but we still headed down to the bus and luckily there was another ferry to take us home.

I lost my wallet yesterday. There wasn't that much money in it but it had my Goblet of Fire ticket from Friday in it and this keyring of me and the others on the Men in Black ride in Florida. And I'd love to have them back....I'm not feeling too hot at the minute. I think I might be getting sick but I also feel...down. I dunno why. And it must be really obvious because all through Aberdeen June and Lillybet were asking if I was OK.

My former music teacher text me to see how I was doing. Turns out she wants me to babysit. Huh.

I have so much to say about Goblet of Fire and Aberdeen and how much I've missed you lot but I can't find the words as easily as I'd hoped.

Needless to say; I love you.

P.S. Does anyone know where I can get good screencaps from Goblet of Fire?

P.P.S. Especially images of the big Fuck Off statue.
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I think I jinxed myself yesterday with that post because I had a pretty crappy day. The kitchen ended up fucking up all the Grill orders I put through therefore = me getting shit for people not getting their orders, people just being ignorant, boisterous kids, me and my till fucking up (refunds, bastard) and THEN my till was short at the end of it. By, like, £1.12. Fuck. But one of our managers ended up sorta sorting it when I was signing the till off.

Still...ARGH. Y'know?

And it is FUCKING FREEZING over here! It is that cold it would freeze the balls of a brass monkey. (Hahaha, bad BAD CFUD Goku thoughts!)

My uniform is in the wash - will have to tumble dry it. Because work phoned and asked me to come in at 8 instead of 10 tomorrow morning. WOE FUCKING WOE!

Bastards. And then, because I am totally fucking mad I'm getting up early on Friday, getting the 9am bus to Belfast with June and Lillybet, going to see Goblet of Fire and then getting a bus back to Downpatrick to be back in work for my 4 until Closing shift. Yay.

But then I am off Saturday!....Possibly.

OK. Now for the work rota.
Monday 8(?!?!?!) until 4
Tuesday OFF! In Oxfam
Wednesday 11.30 until 5
Thursday OFF! Oxfam or Shimna maybe!
Friday 4 until Close
Saturday OFF! Maybe
Sunday 11 until 6

Think of me, my friends! And think smutty thoughts for me, for I have none when I return home at night! Woe~~~~!
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Friday night? is NOT 4 - 10, as we so foolishly - foolishly! - thought. It is 4 UNTIL CLOSING! Which can be anything from 11 to 3 (?!?!?!) like it was last Wednesday....

....*weeps more*

Oh and Tim? Cornish fare received and much appreciated! Much, -much- love for that! And the photo is going on the wall once I get off. ^_^

Challenge list to self!
HP Valensmut 2006 (art)
Good Omens Holiday Exchange (art)
10 Unsent Letters (writing - James!)

HP FANS! What would you like to see in James' unsent letters? Who should they NOT be sent to? What sort of things? Anything you've ever wanted to see but have never found? Let me know! And I'll try to work it in. ^_^

OK. Gone now!

[Edit 1] Now. A serious question. We (Ned and I) had a little debate on Saturday night, sitting wrapped around each other in Central Park. Anyways...
What do you think my sexual preference is?

[Edit 2] I find it easier to walk uphill than I do to walk downhill. I'm sure that says something about me...
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Oh my beautiful beautiful brain feet and knees. The pain~!

I am serious - my feet are killing me but I've...I've been enjoying work. Yes that's right, enjoying working. In McDonalds. ^_^ I am weird. But, I don't get a chance to think, just act which is totally different from the other jobs I've done. ^_^

Rota! (Own personal reference)
Yesterday 11 - 6
Today 11 - 6
Monday 12 - 6
Tuesday OFF! But OXFAM 2 - 5
Wednesday 12 - 7
Thursday OFF OXFAM! 2 - 5
Friday 4 - 10 (....*weeps*)
Saturday 12 - 8
Sunday 12 - 6



OK, and I need one (or more!) of you to keep prodding me about writing the 10 Unsent Letters of James Potter BEFORE THE 24TH! I have to send them in! (And I'll be in Aberdeen too :O)


Dinner. Bed.

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Title: The Light The Day Can Never See
For: [livejournal.com profile] kabeyk – a glorious writer of Marauder smut and R/S/J threesomes and the most awesome, funny, clever stories that never fail to make me laugh, cry, blush or drool. Hurrah for her, I say!
Prompt: Drunken Marauders and drunken kissing practice. Except I forgot about the practice, ha ha!
Word count: 2, 745 in this part
Pairings: We have Remus/James, Sirius/Peter and Peter/Remus in this part
Warnings:Language, alcohol consumption (as per orders), Remus/Food pairing (haha!), crude sex talk (dear, dear, Sirius has a filthy mouth), angst and, oh noes, boys rubbing against each other!
Notes: Lyrics at the beginning of this section stolen from: Mad At Gravity, Aqualung and Jude Christodal
Note 2: This is honestly the first time I’ve written kissing in a good two years and then had to think about how each Marauder would kiss – so I’m saying please be gentle! Also, I’ve never written anything explicitly smutty or sexual before so it was a bit of a learning experience, ha ha! Slash ahoy!
Feedback: Is much desired and much loved and will earn you a cookie.

The Light The Day Can Never See )
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Matey's! Ignore this! This is just my HP plot-bunny list for my own reference

- "In The House In A Heartbeat" Reg/S/R [Reg narrates]

- R/S leading up to Hallowe'en '81 [Coldplay - "Sparks", "Spies", "Shiver"]

- R/S/J

- H/D - And what Potter? You come back from battle and want a post-war fuck? Is that it? Do you want me to swoon in your arms then fall to my knees?"

- H/D. "Sunlight" [Draco PoV] Hand. ?War-end?

- Veil with 3S.

- "Passive" [A Perfect Circle]

- Twincest [Goblet of Fire/Yule Ball]

- The Veil cross-over with American Gods

- "And that's the way it goes sometimes." J/Reg

- Andre Acimin's 'Lavender'

- Multi-pairing - "I should not have let you know"

- Amnesiac!Sirius - "Why It's Called An Unforgivable" "...Moony..." Breathe out

- "Wires" [Athlete] Tortured!Ministry-pet!Remus, torn!Sirius

- Tom/Harry dreamscape

- Fluffy Blackcest

- Hesitant!Remus/Married!Lily - "It isn't cheating he knows"

- Snape/Slughorn - "I was never one of your trinkets or prizes"

- Remus post-OotP (Hermione) (Patronus)

- Aqualung

- Dark!fic- The moon/Remus/Moony

- "Shoelace, Bandages And All That's Beneath" R/S PWP

- Almost-a-bastard!Remus/Tonks

- Post-war Twin!fic

- Mad!Crying!Sirius - "Mischief managed Pads?"

- James-centric "Dichotomy" The split in self

- Colour fic: "Orange Glow", "Green Light", "Amber", "Azure/Sky Blue", "Crimson Splatter", "Deeper Shade of Grey", "Blackened",

- Pyro!Harry - [Coldplay - "Rush Of Blood To The Head"]

- Remus astrology fic come on, my star is fading

- The burning of 12 Grimmauld Place - celebration

- Sirius/Harry - "What are you?" "...a whisper..."

- "A Warning" [Coldplay] When the truth is...I miss you... "And I crawl back into your open arms" And I'm tired...I should not have let you go.

-Probably that Trio!smut idea

Man what a list. Damn you Coldplay!
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(I love this song.)

Right. My next entry will probably be a list of things to do before Friday so feel free to ignore it.

Em - Florida - 4 days anyone? I wish I felt like I was going. Lillybet and June and mum and I (haven't talked to Jules in a few days) are still waiting for it to hit us.

Got my legs waxed. The girl who did them was only going to do a half-leg because it was my first time and it can hurt quite a bit but I didn't really feel anything. Bit sore around the ankles and backs of my knees but otherwise...She told me she was really impressed. Haha, go me!

I've been thinking an awful lot about HP recently - there are theories going around my head and I have a list of things I want to write (bunny's going mad people!) of about 35 stories and just...well, I'm in Fandom Mode. It's true.

I might even do an entry on my HP stuff. I've also got to do an entry on pimping out my HP stuff (my pr0n and artists and writers) on LJ for darling Zal so she can look at smut too. ^_^

I'm so tired after the DVD launch today.

Does somebody want to write something for me? I'll be happy with anything! *kisses*

I think I'm going to go to bed and maybe work on my plot bunny's. Coldplay's "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" album is WILD INSPIRING!

OH! Before I go, just in case I forget over the next few days, MY CREW! Is there anything people want brought home from Florida or brought over to Florida? This applies to all my friends list who don't have a problem with giving me their address.



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