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I am being naughty and posting from work because I have been here for a whole 10 hours now and I've still got 4.5 hours before I can leave work. Oh Tuesdays, why you gotta treat me so bad?

I actually have no ideas in mind for this journal entry, all I know is that I really should update with something other than twitter because I don't even tweet that often now due to the whole, y'know, 55+ hour working weeks now.

So. The update as it it.

I have been with Moulin Rouge now since the 14th June. Which I guess means today is my 3 month anniversary. Oh god, it feels longer. Maybe that's just because I'm here so much. In 3 months I've gone from working 25.5 hours a week to my near 60 hour load. It's strange. I don't mind it here, the pay is really good. However, I work 6 days a week and I don't feel like I have much of a life anymore. Maybe that's just due to it being summer and universities being broken up and the fact most of my peers have moved away from Leeds. :(

But it all starts again next week, and I'm one of animesoc's social secretaries this year. Which means one night a week of guaranteed socialising. Yes!

Today is my mama and papa's 25th wedding anniversary. It is strange and wonderful, I believe that two people can be together and married for so long. I know it's not easy. And that's why I think it's marvellous. Congratulations parents ♥

Dave and I are going home next week to spend 2 whole days there. We're celebrating the anniversary and the 1 month anniversary of my granny's death. It's strange to think like that. My mum offer me and Dave a place to stay in granny's. I couldn't even contemplate it. I think I'd just cry every minute I was in there.

I keep feeling quite lost and frustrated. This job is not a career for me. However the money is really good and I believe it'd be stupid to give up a non-exactly-taxing job for little better reason that frustration and disillusionment. Dave believes I need to do some retail therapy in order to see the benefit of all this work. The issue with that is that I don't have desire to spend. Or, more accurately, I don't have a strong enough to desire to spend on things I'd like.


In other news, I am currently trying to keep a teenager from killing herself whilst at university. She's had some pretty horrific stuff happen to her through the course of her life and I'm bred from Caring Staff stock. Except I spend 4 hours on Saturday on the phone to her because she was depressed (seriously) and drunk. And whilst I want to help her, I cannot live her life for her and I cannot, will not molly-cuddle her. It won't help. I received a text last night telling me to tell her she had done wrong because she slept with a guy at uni last night and felt it was cheating on her ex/boyfriend who is IN PRISON for abuse. WHAT.

I keep getting frustrated because she won't accept help or acknowledge what's happened as not her fault. I want to ring some form of social services/suicide prevention because I just don't know what to do otherwise.

Wow, this is an amazingly cheerful entry. But may that's the way it is. I am happy. But somedays it's just a little harder than others. It's easier when I'm with Dave or busy with friends.

Life, eh?
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