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I feel like I have an awful lot to say about a number of issues that are pressing on me right now but I'm going to put this forward for your consideration until I've worked out the knots of my thoughts into a presentable weave.

Dissertation proposal! as;lkdf;sdlkflsdkfds/o\

Behold the outline of the topic, coupled with the tentative title The Times, They Are A-Changing: Society, Superheroes and Change in Graphic Fiction:

As children, we all grow up with some notion of superheroes – special people with extraordinary powers that regularly save the world from evil and have exciting lives and that we idolise. They are the first people we admire, these people who protect us from the world. Yet over the last twenty years, our culture has changed.

Society has gone thrown societal uprisings, wars, economical recessions, political scandals, and the rise of ‘celebrity culture’, international terrorism, natural catastrophes and acts of scientific progress.

We have watched as laws on relationships and human rights change the world, as topics such as immigration, homosexual marriages and social identity versus cultural identity become debates of everyday life.

As is to be expected, reading habits over this period have also changed leading to an uprising of graphic fiction becoming more socially accepted and integrated into a wider mainstream literary culture. The questions raised by this are endless: Why has this change come about? What have comic books offered readers that has initiated this new kind of reading behaviour? What commentary have the writers of these comics offered us on the world we live in (or the world they perceive we now live in)? Perhaps most importantly, what has happened to our superheroes?

in other news: why am i still awake at 7am?

[edit] re-edited the beginning
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