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Sunday night - start of a new week where I have to train a new employee despite a) being still an agency worker myself and b) only having been in the job for 7 months. Good times! Let's see how this rolls.

I meandered into town today with senior Dave - he wanted to go to the gym and I wanted to see if Primark were selling nice blazers. Sadly Primary failed me on that front but I did pick up a garter belt for £1 and a lovely red t-shirt for £4 (which may go towards my Trixxy cosplay). I also picked up a new pair of sunglasses as my last one's broke in half being thrown about my handbag. My poor possessions, they suffer to much :'( These new sunglasses are cute though - they're retro and cat-eye shaped. I do like them.

Came home and cooked a full Sunday dinner for us and we chilled upstairs watching "The Avengers" - only the second time I've seen it. But I loved it as much as I did the first time. ALL THE FEELINGS. I loved everyone. My favourites seem to change depending on who's on the screen /o\

In other boring news, I have trimmed my nails down. This may not seem like a lot to people but a) I am not good at maintanence like other ladies are and b) my nails tend to be about 2-3 inches long. So they are now respectably trimmed and filed down and painted a gorgeous shade called "Mulled Wine." I love having red nails!

I'm running out of things to say so have a piture of Kat Dennings - one of my current girl crushes/body icons. (insert dreamy sigh here)

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You know October, for being my favourite month, you sure have been a bit of a cow. It is nearly the end of the month and I feel a little lost as to where the time has gone.

I vanished because 2 weeks ago on Saturday, Dave's stepfather died. some medical information that might upset and the funeral )

So that was that. There was a wake afterwards at a nearby golfclub and I met a lot of Shirley's friends, Steve's family and various neighbours. Most of them knew me before I was introduced which was strange but everyone was lovely. We spent most of our time chatting with Dave's aunt, uncle, granddad, Jenny and Steve. We had a quiet dinner together that night, Dave, Shirley, Jenny, Steve and I.

The past few days have been filled with going out for walks with Walter, Shirley (and Steve's) black cocker spaniel, spending time with Shirley just talking and drinking lots of tea and seeing Dave's grandma. On top of that, we've been dealing with work as and when we've had some time at Shirley's. We've had aan issue with a Joker costume from our supplier and now the customer has cancelled the order. Customers demanding refunds for costumes they've returned STINKING of B.O. A US customer initating a chargeback for a Catwoman costume the day it arrives to her, stating it hasn't arrived. Ugh, I hate customers.

So pretty exhausting. We arrived back in Leeds last night and walked home. Climbed into bed and were asleep within 2 hours.

On top of all this, the Google Panda update a week ago seems to have completely fucked us up in website rankings. We were on the first page for most of our keywords and now we're 6 or 7 pages down. At the moment we're still doing okay because it's Halloween but after next week, it could seriously destroy the business. Dave's been pretty worried and really stressed unsurprisingly. The past two weeks have been a little tense - we've had two of the worst fights we've had since being together over the stupidest of things but considering the circumstances, it's not surprising. We're doing pretty good now with the funeral being done.

My plan now is to start searching for a job in case things do go tits up. We need at least one salary to survive on and two separate ones definitely isn't going to hurt. So updating my CV and applying for everything is on the list for this week. As Dave also pointed out, if I do get a job and I utterly hate it, there is still work for me to do with him. So that alleviates a lot of pressure.

Halloween's coming up and I'm completely unprepared. Unhappy face. However our local Co-Op is selling some huge pumpkins so I might treat myself to a pumpkin to carve and try baking or cooking with the innards. Anyone got any good pumpkin recipes?

I'm also trying to get my entries ready for the Joeyverse Cosplay Contest. The contumes are about 90% and 60% done respecitvely done. I just need to sort out time for Dave and I to shoot. Because he's my favourite and will only mock me a little for cosplay and tarting myself up.

Dave has now come in to bed so I am going to finish up and go to make myself a cup of hot chocolate before talking to mama Denvir and watching "Criminal Minds"
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Having nothing but Twitter reposts makes me sad! So. Poetry.

Elizabeth Jennings - Absence

Jennings - Absence

I visited the place where we last met.
Nothing has changed, the gardens were well-tended,
The fountains sprayed their usual steady jet;
There was no sign that anything had ended
And nothing to instruct me to forget.

The thoughtless birds that shook out of the trees,
Singing an ecstasy I could not share,
Played cunning in my thoughts. Surely in these
Pleasures there could not be a pain to bear
Or any discord shake the level breeze.

It was because the place was just the same
That made your absence seem a savage force,
For under all the gentleness there came
An earthquake tremor: fountain, birds and grass
Were shaken by my thinking of your name.
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You Will Hear Thunder by Anna Akhmatova

You will hear thunder and remember me,
And think: she wanted storms. The rim
Of the sky will be the colour of hard crimson
And your heart, as it was then, will be on fire.

That day in Moscow, it will all come true,
When, for the last time, I take my leave,
And hasten to the heights that I have longed for,
Leaving my shadow still to be with you
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Utter failure on my part yesterday! Happy 3 year (+1) anniversary to [livejournal.com profile] isthatjamie and [livejournal.com profile] threnodaemis!!

Also, reposting the little bits and pieces from the fic meme I did a week ago~! Also have tweaked little bits here and there~! ♥

for [livejournal.com profile] sacchifox, The Secret Garden, Final Waltz

Part one: They called me the hyacinth girl (deionaera) )

for [livejournal.com profile] togeira, Unorthodox Methods, Good Omens

Unorthodox Methods )

for beautiful [livejournal.com profile] waxrose, A Hard Day's Night, Arashi

A Hard Day's Night )

for World Ruler Extraordinaire [livejournal.com profile] trowicia, the one who took you to your sundrenched world, Gundam Wing

The one who took you to your sundrenched world )
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Being a h0r.

The infamous Final Waltz T-shirt that I re-did tonight. Also xposted to [livejournal.com profile] icarusishappy which is where most of my vague attempts at creativity are going to go.

I am 21 in...well, technically 3 days. What are y'all getting me? >D

I kid.

But it is my darling, my light, she who bring me chaos's birthday tomorrow. Um. Today? Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] togeira. Love you loads sweetie - artses? ♥ ♥ ♥

....icon VERY related. XD

Well, the Eliot quote had to be translated from the page. )
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Things that were supposed to be drabbles but ended up being ficclets that I was due to have done years ago. Possibly actual years. Utter failure Kat!

Almost! Nearly at 500 entries - request of me! Art or fic! Anything you likey! Prompt!

for Joey, Ruu/Sallas )

Full Metal Alchemist. Ed goes online, finds of the slash fic and then...? )

Link and Sheik or how I came to get my stream of consciousness on )


Stolen from like. Everywhere. Comment and I SHALL:

Tell you why I friended you.

Associate you with something--a fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc.

Tell you something I like about you.

Tell you a memory I have of you.

Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.

Tell you my favorite icon of yours.
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Fandom: Final Waltz
Sufferers: Ruu, Mikkeil, Jeszryn

:: Showing No Signs Of Pain ::

This is what we are )
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[livejournal.com profile] whitehaiku do you mind if I make icons out of Waltz art? >D

I can talk again! It is awesome.

I have so many fandoms to catch up - I finished "Tokyo Babylon" which makes me *want* to read X, I have to review most of Joey's stuff, I have not even touched HP 7 - i know i know, plus I'm about 10 episodes away from the end of Supernatural season 2 and about 5 away from the end of Dr. Who season 2 as well (except I dun wanna finish because....Roooooossssseeee and I know I will sob for at least an hour.

So yes.

However, I am possibly close to sorting out my flights for travelling! Exciting, desu ne?

And I've just rehauled icon keywords as well as added a bunch - ask me about them or the fandoms! I think I have most of my fandoms represented in my icons now. Excellent!
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[livejournal.com profile] mystagic DEI IS INVOLVED

Julian eyed Jack mouthing Iris's ear from his place on Eliot's lap.
"You really gonna let them get away with that J.C?" Eliot murmured into his ear, sending shivers down his back. After breathing softly for a moment of decisions and indecisions, he turned to look at the Englishman. There was a triumphant smile curving his lips and a flare of intensity lighting his eyes. Leaning up to meet his lips, Eliot laughed,
"Come on Prince - let's show them what we've got."

- - - - - - - -

He gasped as the Otherchild placed her weight on the foot currently on his ribs - that were broken, Talonyne realised as the dizzying sparks of pain jolted through his body. However, even as the blood streamed down his face and out of his side, even as Mystagic pressed the blade of that wonderful sword to his throat, he smiled at her.
"Come forth then, Otherchild. I am the one you've been searching for, am I not? Take the revenge you've surely dreamed of."
There was a moment of bleached shock that flickered through her eyes and hair which faded into dark colours and a violent streak of crimson and a hard smile.
"Revenge is only the start of what I'm going to do with you, Dragon-boi."

- - - - - - - - - -

(Insert Jack/Mikki here later~)

random slash )
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Random point: This has very quickly, very strongly become my "Doctor" song in that I can't stop thinking about Nine or Ten when I hear this song. Which I am hearing a lot on my playlist. So yes.

Dammit, I don't want to do a fanmix, i don't!

[livejournal.com profile] whitehaiku my art wasn't ready for your birthday - and it's still not how i want it but...here's what it is at the minute.

don't you wish for someone to pull you on a string down from atmospheres, down into a clearing to kiss and box your ears? )



doesn't it get lonely riding up there to the sun on a raft made for one? )
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And a Waltz icon and all - how awesome am I?!

A Final Waltz art post featuring in no particular order: old art you've all seen, SalxTree, the rebirth of a Phoenix, older Cerios, Ra'ote looking unimpressed, a very unique looking Sal, Judas, 'Evolution of a soul', Azi's birthday image of JackxEliot and LilyxSal! :D )

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Firstly. G.I.P. Oh [livejournal.com profile] togeira I love you love you love you~! ♥ ♥ ♥

Secondly. Oh House. And this song. Wow.

Still falling
Breathless and on again
Inside today
Beside me today
Around broken in two
till you eyes shed
Into dust
Like two strangers
Turning into dust
till my hand shook with the way I fear

I could possibly be fading
Or have something more to gain
I could feel myself growing colder
I could feel myself under your fate
Under your fate

It was you breathless and tall
I could feel my eyes turning into dust
And two strangers turning into dust
Turning into dust

Thirdly. I don't know.
OK. Well....Alright! QUESTION POST. Go for it. 5 questions. Any topic - nothing is off limits.
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I'm going to reply to comments hopefully tomorrow. Now I don't have the strength to, I'm so tired and it's not getting any better no matter how much I'm sleeping. And I'm sleeping so much.


The point to this entry. was.


Oh yes. [livejournal.com profile] whitehaiku, big bro. I just finished re-reading "Shadows of Fire" (what procastination from Nihongo?). ♥ ♥ ♥

Now that I've a credit card, do you still have the other versions of "Echoes" and "Shadows" up for sale? I can actually buy things now. Yays.


Actually I don't have anything else.

Does anyone know or listen to "The Divine Comedy"?
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I was so ready to do another huge big fandom post because, I just got this thought. Don't ask where it came from. I was just innocently typing a response comment to Joe and this idea hits me. In retrospect I think my typing the words 'that which never was' made the link to 'The World That Never Was'. But ANYWAYS, even thought Kingdom Hearts 2 isn't even out here, I just got this idea of the Waltzers...well, I guess more the Ripples as the Nobodies. I am totally blaming [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie for having awesome Marluxia, Axel, Roxas, Sora and Larxene players because I am fangirling KH2 liek woah.

BUT THE POINT WAS...actually it was sorta lost in the above rambling paragraph. Waltzers as Nobodies.

Just me thinking that then? Yes?

OK then.
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OK. Random art post entry. Actually, it's a Final Waltz art entry really because the two pieces are Waltz-related. Unfortunately I forgot to transfer over the HP porn. D:

Yo, [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_xisha, I drew Dei again!


Come on Meow....(Sallas/Deionaera) )

Identity Blur )

And that's that for now. Actually I'm surprised at how up I am for Waltz slashing or Waltz art. Suggestions folks?
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OK, so this isn't quite the Wednesday entry that I hoped to post. Because I suck. And there's no porn. Because people *pokes* didn't suggest enough to me. So, no porn in this entry. Woe and betides.

Work rang me yesterday whilst my girls were here (delivering this AWESOME belated Christmas gift from Libby) and asked me to work today. I said no as I only have my two *legal* days off this week and the guy from work almost sounded annoyed that I couldn't. Fuck off, I'm working all this weekend aren't I?

But anyways~! I got a letter from Leeds inviting me to an open day. On the 22nd. Hmmm...If flights don't cost too much and I have the wit to remember to book work off, we might go! :D

So yeah. That's been my life the past few days. Except for the WOAH ROOM CLEAN today. That was cool. And I watched "House" for the first time ever with Mum. :D

Now....I'm gone. Haha, I lie. I have my little giftlets for people to give out! :D

Pretty!Eyeliner!Snape for Theleapingmuse )

The beginnings of the Selkie/sea-maiden story for Kate. With Remus and Sirius! )

All done as if an Irish story-teller was telling it too. :D That was fun. I can't wait to do "Children of Lir" and the rest of the Selkie story for you~~!

Angsty suffering Remus/Sirius )

Orcs for my darling husband )


Echoes of Thunder illustration for Joey featuring rain and Judas and Deionaera )

And now I go to type stuff for mum and research flight prices to everywhere~! :DDD And then I work tomorrow!
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*If we advance forth, can we ever meet again?

Pressed 'Shuffle' on Media Player and it played this rather than the usual combination of Dad and Matt's RARAGHGGGH music. I haff broken it into submission! XDDD

I'm in work in 11 hours. Give me a break. D:

ANYWAYS! Today...or yesterday....It was/is the Fifth Birthday of the Final Waltz.

Therefore. Art spammage ahoy. FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

It is the stars, The stars above us, govern our conditions. )

Here endth the spam.
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Joey! Deviantart won't show me whether or not I uploaded my contest entry - so here it is incase!

Holy Fuck it's December!

Evolution )



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