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First day back at work.

Same old, same old. Bored for the majority of the day. Realistically, I need to pull my finger out of my backside and start updating my CV and applying for jobs.

Supposed to go back to the gym for the first time in months today, however Dave talked me out of it. To be fair, I was keen on getting home to open my Illamasqua order (new eyeshadows! Eyeliners! Etc!)

This evening I have done very little. Felt a little off kilter.

Spoke to my today about the news I got working on New Years, that a former colleague of mine suddenly passed away on the 27th. She was a woman full of fire and life. It seems so strange. And then another friend told me on Saturday that a mutual friend of ours had also died - implied that it was suicide. She's just written a private blog post, and I've had a little weep in my bed, thinking about him. Couple this with attending a wake for a 20 year old lad on Christmas Eve, and I've been in a weird place.

Sad and strange.

So I am sitting in my bed, about to watch a few "feel good" videos to make it easier to fall asleep and then read for a little bit.
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Had an ace day out yesterday, and as I mentioned in my last blog post, came home a little merry!

Dave headed out to watch the UFC fight card at 3am, so I got up briefly with him to ensure he remembered everything and also because I was dying for ALL OF THE WATER. Man, I was dehydrated! So he left at 3:20 and I went back to sleep at 3:45. The moon was so clear, and so bright. It was like being bathed in silver.

Woke up at 8:30am when he came home, and just couldn't get back to sleep. Fed the cats, and then messed about online, as usual. Added my Illamasqua voucher onto account, for when I feel naughty! (Which is a lot of time.)

Felt my eyes dropping about 10:45, so thought "awww yeah, another hour won't do me any harm." Woke up at 2pm. Niiiiiiice.

Was supposed to go out shopping with Amanda and Paloma, however they both had to work, so I went in myself.

Eyed a few lovely snuggle chairs in the Next sale (oh my god, do want) and then mulled around Waterstones, debating what to buy. More books were bought! Shocking absolutely no one.

Came home, ate pizza, re-watched "Star Was: A New Hope" with Dave. It's the first time I've seen it in about 15 years. Then another delightful episode of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit". Now I have just tidied my new books away (including the ones I bought last Sunday), and now I am going to:
- tidy bedside my bed, quickly
- speak to my mum
- pack my gym kit
- start my resolution to read more.

Not a bad way to end a Sunday! Just a shame I've got to go back to work tomorrow....
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Hola again!

It seems that Loudtweeter isn't shipping my tweets over anymore? Which is weird. Must look into that.

Another unproductive day! I stayed up until 4am, because I napped earlier in the evening, so wound up reading the 30k "It's Derek Hale wtf" fic on A03.

Woke up at 8am, went back to sleep. Woke up at 10:30, went back to sleep until 11:15am.
- Dicked about online
- Weighed up buying more books on Waterstones
- Scrubbed the oven clean
- Cleaned the cat's old and new litter trays
- Cleaned the extractor fan
- Washed the dishes
- Put dishes away
- Started resorting the cupboards to fit in our new halogen oven
- Discussed plans for reorganising the lounge with Dave
- went with Dave to the post office
- Bought a new mop
- Ate delicious carbs for dinner
- More episodes of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit"
- Napped
- Then let Dave and Little Sister nap on me
- Spoke to mama and dad

Now I'm here, still not being as productive as I should be. Well done me!
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So here's to the New Year. Did I spend it in a humble, contemplative mood - fine-tuning resolutions and the like? Did I bollocks.

- was woken up by Booker scratching my face
- fed the cats
- fell back asleep
- got up
- washed the dishes
- cleaned the oven
- sat, chatted and watched trailers with Dave and our neighbour Paul
- went to the shops to get food
- came home with carby, comfort food
- made and ate scrambled eggs and toast
- watched 1x02, 1x03, 1x04 and 1x05 of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit"
- (napped briefly during on the episodes)
- watched "The Mask"
- dicked about online

Now I'm currently watching "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl" with Dave and one snoozing cat.

Here's to the New Year
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Sunday nights are rapidly becoming the "slump on the sofa and watch ridiculous amounts of "Modern Family" nights.

Life is good
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There are none of my fascinating Twitter thoughts today because I dragged myself to work, doubting strongly that I would make it the whole day (I was right) and felt so rough, I didn't even switch on my iPod. Appalling, I know.

Instead I came into work, sweated and shivered my way through half a day (and battling waves of mild, disgruntling nausea) before I asked to go home. My manager, Julie, had already been eyeballing me for two days, asking if I was going to go home.

So I did.

But before I did, I managed to book a few hours off work on the 20th August. Now, I was desperate to be off work all day, but my counterpart is already off and we're the team on Duty for our area, so that was a no-go. However, the end of the day was negotiable.

So I booked it off because I'm going to see Neil Gaiman.

Yes. Neil Gaiman.

At Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire. Event details are here

So I am flying out of work at 4, to catch a 4:45 train - changing at 6:06 for the local service to Ely, and will get there at 6:52.

Enough time to walk/skip/run the half mile to the Cathedral and try not to weep.

Because I wasn't sure about how I was going to get home or when the event would end (I've been reading of Neil signing for 4-5 hours recently), I booked a REALLY EARLY train the next morning. I was going to get the first train home at 5:30am but Dave eyeballed me and asked if I planned to sleep at the train station (I was going to, but his face discouraged me.)

So I've booked a room at a guest house that is 6 minutes walk away. If I manage my timing, I should be able to quickly check in before the event starts at 7:30. Here's hoping.

But fuck. FUCK. Getting to see and meet Neil Gaiman. It gives me butterflies. Or maybe that's the nausea kicking back in ;)
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Fly-by post!

Firstly! A fic rec: No Holds Barred. This is an amazing AU for "The Dark Knight Rises", based on the premise that Talia kidnapped John Blake once he was captured and gave him to Bane as a prisoner to be broken.

The prompt for the fic was "Talia brings Bane a gift in the form of fiery detective John Blake, intending to watch Bane break him -- but Bane likes John's spirit too much to try and quench it, and is too head-shy about sex to use him in the way Talia wants. Too bad John thinks he's a psychopath."

It's a fabulous work, I devoured every piece of it a few Sundays ago and just sat in awe afterwards. It is violent and it is dark and there are themes of dub-con but it's worth it. Absolute worth a read.

Secondly! I now have a tumblr. Please follow me? It's mostly "Teen Wolf" at the minute but I will get better at using it! I'm at Ebb And Flow By The Moon

Thirdly, this post made me realise I don't have a fic rec tag or a comic/Batman tag. This will be rectified now
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So Light Night Leeds! I was a zombie! Check us out! And all the awesome members of the public who joined in :)

I'm on the right hand side in a blue t-shirt

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It's been days again since updating. I didn't update yesterday because I spent most of the day....on my laptop lounging about in bed hungover. Reading fanfic. My current favourite hitter is The Avengers, unsurprisingly. And I'm easy on pairings, which is fun! With Inception, I wasn't adverse to reading random/rare pairings but Arthur/Eames was 90% of what I read (and most of those fics had background Dom/Mal which I also adored).

But The Avengers, everyone is so hot! Even Agent Coulson! (I am still in denial about THINGS). So I spend most of yesterday reading a lot about Clint/Coulson. There is a fuckton of good fic out there! Also, it seems a lot of really good BDSM fics! Life has been good to me this weekend! Except for, y'know, the hangover. REGARDLESS, any one got any good recs? I'm going to have to get some of the great ones I read this weekend rec'd out.

And today we were due to go use one of our Groupon vouchers having delicious Sunday dinner at a bar called Milo but you had to prebook so we're going next Sunday instead hopefully. Instead we cooked dinner ourselves, cleaned and did clothes washing. Adulthood eh?

Friday night was the cause of my hangover as we were out celebrating/commiserating the leaving of 3 of our admin staff! ;___; It was actually an ace night and I got hit on! It was nice! It was probably the bright red lips, dark eyes and my low-cut top. Boobs and red lips seem to do it for dudes!

Anyways it was an ace night - I had good times and even wore heels all night. I forgot to take a picture of my face but here's the same-ish make-up from a few weeks ago

One day, I will work out the trick to a) keeping my lipstick on all night (it fades so quickly) and b) the lipstick not bleeding a few hours into the night. Is it because the lipstick is cheap? Is my lip-liner too cheap? Am I just bad at application? WHO KNOWS.

Ugh. I have eaten really badly this week and haven't drunk as much water as I normally do. I want to be healthier dammit! I'm just really bad at forward planning with lunches and what I want to eat :( Instead just this evening I've had apple pie and custard, two Wispas and a cup of tea - bad times :(
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Another night of "Rock and Pole" - more aches starting in my arms and bruises on my legs. Although it was a lot of fun flinging myself around. Except for the point where I accidentally dropped and carpet-burned both my knees. Oowie!

I was sneezing all day today in work and then as soon as I got on the bus home, my nose just blocked up. It all cleared up as I was walking the two miles to class but once I got home again, it's all blocked up again. I have spent the last hour just blowing my nose and feeling my head get more and more cotton-wooly. Boooooo

So with cotton-wool head and Colbert on my screen, I bid everyone a good night :)
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Another rushing around day at work! One of the admin workers had her leaving lunch at the office today as she's also leaving tomorrow! Staff just seem to be evaporating at the minute.

I was also a bit naughty today and went into one of the charity shops at lunch time when I was trying not to. But I did pick up a really nice (and boobilicious) Jane Norman top for £2.99 that I plan on wearing next Friday night to Lynn and Katie's leaving drinks. Oh well, can't be good all the time!

Well, I had another vaguely unproductive evening until the last part of it. I napped from 7 until 8 and then started frantically getting ready for tomorrow.

I've managed to:
- Bake two cakes for Katie's leaving lunch tomorrow (orange Victoria sponge cake); the chocolate buttercream still needs to be made in the morning but that'll take 5 minutes.
- Book my taxi for tomorrow to take me straight from work to the bus station to go down to Nottingham
- Tidied dishes away and washed said cooking/baking implements
- Tidied the bedroom
- Put away the 3 loads of washing on the bed (I have this thing where I like to leave a clean house if I go anywhere because I like coming home to cleanliness)
- Tomorrow's work/travel outfit has been laid out
- As had the clothes for Saturday
- Spoken to both Mama and Papa Denvir whilst the cakes were baking
- Currently finishing Katie's Student Progress report for her

Not bad! Still bits to do and I've just decided to paint my toenails - clever dick that I am! Although I really need to get into bed as I need to be out of bed at 7am on the dot tomorrow morning. Right. Finishing touches - GO!
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Tonight was Pilates night! I've been going since about November of last year with Hannah and tonight was the final one :(

Where else will I get my 2 mile walk, exercise and 2 mile walk home again? It was a little sad today, but also ace. Except for the part where I can't really lift my arms over my head because of the muscle ache from Rock And Pole. But otherwise good times!

It's not the end of seeing Penny, the instructor, though. She also does a Wednesday class called Aerockbics which Han goes to, so starting next week, I'm also going to go. Especially as Penny is doing a Zombie Aerobics routine for Light Night next month :) And we know how I love zombies!

Light Night is an event Leeds holds every year, like an arts and festival thing and it's pretty hard to describe. Here's the site: Light Night Leeds

I've had my bi-weekly chat with Mama D - her eye is almost fully healed after her surgery for her detached retina and she mocked my bruises. I love her. Sadly she was also at a wake this evening for her last of her father's siblings to die. :( But she was in good spirits.

Now I'm chilling in bed, watching some more "30 Rock" with Dave and about to sleep :)
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So I'm home from my first class of "Rock and Pole"!

My thighs are bruised, my arms are frictioned-burned to fuck, my shoulders are aching and I can tell movement tomorrow is going to be interesting at the least.

I loved it. I'm really determined to keep going. Fitness! Toning! No longer will I have jelly-belly. Soon I will actually have abs. Or that's the aim. Or at least upper body strength to be proud of!

Anyone else ever done pole-dancing classes? How'd it go for you?
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Had one of those days where I've just felt kinda crappy all day. The jobs listed today were all for really technical jobs like engineers or paralegal/legal jobs which are completely WAY out of my field. Lovely housemate has emailed her recruitment firm for me to recommend me so I'm going to send them my email in the morning and then give them a call in the afternoon.

I just feel really disheartened and lonely and since I've come back from home, all I want to do is move back home. Which came completely out of left field really but the more I think about it...I think it's just because I'm always really concerned about my family and with both Mama and Papa D being diagnosed with high blood pressure and things, it just makes me really worry. And I want to be with my parents and get really annoyed at them for being tits and just get hugs from my mum when I want them and someone to play Rockband with.

I don't know whether I'm just having a delay in processing this year or I'm just in a slump but I rang my mum tonight and ended just having a bit of a weep on the phone to her. Which then I felt guilty for and apologised for because I didn't want to worry her. But all I really wanted was a hug from my mummy.

So I might just organise a few days home with the money my mum gave me for Christmas. I just. I don't want to feel this way. So I've been playing "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and I'm going back around the game and collecting all the Riddler things to try and stop thinking about iut. But. Well.

I'm sorry for whining. Have a picture of a cool as fuck cat.

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So my plan was to go into Leeds and just wander around, enjoying the Bank Holiday. And I didn't because I am lazy. So I have been sitting online for nearly 6 hours, alternating between 9Gag, downloading Opera (Firefox just will not allow me to stream video without freezing every 30 seconds) and looking at jobs. Yes, jobs. I am being all responsible, aren't we all proud!

I also signed up for a Dreamwidth account because it seems like a lot of friends are getting dual journals/abandoning LJ after the latest palava with the commenting changes so I am there as Klena. Let me know if you guys are over there.

Then I created my 2012 resolutions. Most of them are quite grown up - get a job by the end of this month, start paying off my student loan, look at pension schemes, visit home more often. But there are creative things there too. I have one for my soul as well. But I think the best one I've decided upon is:

You know that confident, ballsy, "Fuck 'em", good looking young woman that people keep telling you they see? You are that person. Try not to forget it.

On New Years Eve a friend from Anime Soc told me she had had a little bit to drink but wanted to admit to me that when she met me, she had a crush on me because I was confident and secure in myself and wasn't afraid to stand up for myself/things I believed in. I was so flattered! And I forget that a lot, that the person I am socially is also me. I like her a lot, she's fun. And powerful. And people around me like her so I am going to remember that I'm fucking smart and silly and powerful and confident.

Even if I don't, fuck it. Fake it 'til you make it.
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So, as Death Cab for Cutie sang, it's the new year. 2012 is upon us which is great because a really good chunk of 2011 seriously sucked dick. There were a lot of questions about almost everything in my life, including my mental health and my coping abilities.

However, I made it through the year. I've got a lot of work to do this year. I need to spend more of it away from Dave. Not because I don't love him, I really do, but I'm always quite close to that "I could strangle you" boundary because I spend something like 80% of my week with him. Yes, really, we live together and work together and spend most of our nights together. Which sometimes is amazing. Othertimes, I just want to be living on my own in a house I've decorated by myself and doing exactly what I do or don't want to do with my evenings.

But that's relationships. Just before my birthday (and hey, yeah, I'm totally 25 now - first quarter of a century over me! I will accept all rounds of applause) I redrafted my CV and applied for a bunch of jobs. My aim is to have one before January is over, although I know how hard things are in this climate.

But I am getting ahead of myself! This is my first post of 2012 just to let everyone know that I made it out alive as apparently every Twitter crossposting service I used over the course of the year have just died. And none of my Tweets were shipping over so anyone who hasn't/doesn't follow me on Twitter probably thinks this is an abandoned journal. It's not, I promise! Also, our internet and phoneline went down the day after I got home so I was an entire 10 days without any of the internet. Oh the internet, it's strange how I both did and did not miss you!

I will recap Christmas and all that jazz tomorrow, I think, as I have photos and stuff to put up including just thoughts I want to get out but for now, I just want to say this:

I hope you had an amazing festive season, with loved ones or having adventures or having a quiet family affair. You all still mean so much to me, even though I am so absent, but you are all still always in my thoughts. I love you. Let's make this year glorious ♥
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So I did the Bandom voice meme that's going around after hearing the joy that is [livejournal.com profile] philosiraptors

My voice is weird!!

Bandom voice meme by Klena
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You know October, for being my favourite month, you sure have been a bit of a cow. It is nearly the end of the month and I feel a little lost as to where the time has gone.

I vanished because 2 weeks ago on Saturday, Dave's stepfather died. some medical information that might upset and the funeral )

So that was that. There was a wake afterwards at a nearby golfclub and I met a lot of Shirley's friends, Steve's family and various neighbours. Most of them knew me before I was introduced which was strange but everyone was lovely. We spent most of our time chatting with Dave's aunt, uncle, granddad, Jenny and Steve. We had a quiet dinner together that night, Dave, Shirley, Jenny, Steve and I.

The past few days have been filled with going out for walks with Walter, Shirley (and Steve's) black cocker spaniel, spending time with Shirley just talking and drinking lots of tea and seeing Dave's grandma. On top of that, we've been dealing with work as and when we've had some time at Shirley's. We've had aan issue with a Joker costume from our supplier and now the customer has cancelled the order. Customers demanding refunds for costumes they've returned STINKING of B.O. A US customer initating a chargeback for a Catwoman costume the day it arrives to her, stating it hasn't arrived. Ugh, I hate customers.

So pretty exhausting. We arrived back in Leeds last night and walked home. Climbed into bed and were asleep within 2 hours.

On top of all this, the Google Panda update a week ago seems to have completely fucked us up in website rankings. We were on the first page for most of our keywords and now we're 6 or 7 pages down. At the moment we're still doing okay because it's Halloween but after next week, it could seriously destroy the business. Dave's been pretty worried and really stressed unsurprisingly. The past two weeks have been a little tense - we've had two of the worst fights we've had since being together over the stupidest of things but considering the circumstances, it's not surprising. We're doing pretty good now with the funeral being done.

My plan now is to start searching for a job in case things do go tits up. We need at least one salary to survive on and two separate ones definitely isn't going to hurt. So updating my CV and applying for everything is on the list for this week. As Dave also pointed out, if I do get a job and I utterly hate it, there is still work for me to do with him. So that alleviates a lot of pressure.

Halloween's coming up and I'm completely unprepared. Unhappy face. However our local Co-Op is selling some huge pumpkins so I might treat myself to a pumpkin to carve and try baking or cooking with the innards. Anyone got any good pumpkin recipes?

I'm also trying to get my entries ready for the Joeyverse Cosplay Contest. The contumes are about 90% and 60% done respecitvely done. I just need to sort out time for Dave and I to shoot. Because he's my favourite and will only mock me a little for cosplay and tarting myself up.

Dave has now come in to bed so I am going to finish up and go to make myself a cup of hot chocolate before talking to mama Denvir and watching "Criminal Minds"
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I had a weekend filled with good things! A lot of chilling, some GLORIOUS weather that hit 27 yesterday and the return of October! For those not aware, October is one of my favourite months as it leads up to Halloween!! Also, since about 2005, I have been half-heartedly taking part in something [livejournal.com profile] kacfrog711 started called Dark Art October. Basically, it is a month of twisted fan art all through the month. Delicious.

This year I plan to be better! Last night I sat on the sofa with Dave, watching "Shaun of the Dead" (how perfect) and started to sketch. Sadly it hit midnight before the image was done but I sat up regardless and finished it. I even used colours. COLOURS. I KNOW! Markers, even! I'm actually really proud of it, even though the scanner destroyed it >:(

Lisa and burnt Alessa from Silent Hill 1. I have never properly played these games but I am so in love with them, TERRIFYING :D

I think that's why I'm still walking around )

So there may be a lot more art posted in this journal over the next month. I really should be good and upload it to my art account as well - [livejournal.com profile] icarusishappy.

In other happy making news, I am doing a bit of cosplay this month so I went out in the GLORIOUS SUNSHINE yesterday to do a bit of Charity Shop Buying. And it was amazing! As I mentioned to [livejournal.com profile] philosiraptor, I got a handbag, belt, shirt, top, trenchcoat and jacket all for about £21. That's roughly $30. AH-MAZING. So I camwhored it up. With my webcam. Because I am vain like that.

Also, behold my random silly faces.

commodity fetishism, how I have not used that tag for a while! )

What else have I done....OH YES. REMEMBER I TOLD YOU ALL ABOUT MY ZOMBIE MISBEHAVING? How could you forget? Well I woke up today and checked Facebook to have a message from one of my fellow zombies saying "you're famous!" plus another zombie tagging me in a photo. They used a photo they took of us in the lift as our Zombie Base Camp for The Independent on Sunday. OH MY GOD, I was so thrilled. I want a larger copy of the photo! We look awesome! Check it out for yourself:

The Zombies Are Coming

;____; so proud ;_____;

Here's the photo! Behold my RAWR face

I love zombies, you guys. So much ♥

How were your weekends? ♥


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