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And a Waltz icon and all - how awesome am I?!

A Final Waltz art post featuring in no particular order: old art you've all seen, SalxTree, the rebirth of a Phoenix, older Cerios, Ra'ote looking unimpressed, a very unique looking Sal, Judas, 'Evolution of a soul', Azi's birthday image of JackxEliot and LilyxSal! :D )

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But this...IS AN ART POST. Mainly due to the fact that I sat in Bristol airport for 11 hours yesterday or something.

So, without further preamble (because I have a ton of things I need to do before going into work)

ART~! ♥

Pre-Bristol. Angel and Lapis (RP chars) )

First! Circus boys )

Weird family. Endless sketch of Death, Dream and Delirium )

Z.Q.L - THE GAY QUESTLIST~! Zaion, Seffryn and Angel :D )

Really rough sketch of Sora(KH) and Kami-sama(Saiyuki) - Kings of nothing at all )

Kathryn CAN do shoujo! )

Cobalt and Link sketch )

Just a little something for the pain...RemusxHarry sketch )

Azure and Seraph - AU Angel and Lapis )

Instant Pleasure - Sharlia. )

Tom Riddle and his...'Basilisk'. I blame Dei. )

Leah and Karachi. Gerudo/Sheikah outfit sketch )

Questions? Comments? Searing criticism? ALL ARE WELCOME!
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Will respond to comments very soon!

But a query...

Link/Sheik rough sketch )
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I am not drunk. Not drunk not drunk not drunk....

OK, maybe slightly...

maybe 3 Black Russians, 2 vodkas and coke, some beer and 2 Aftershocks drunk? But I AM GOOD. IT HAS BEEN AT LEAST 2 HOURS SINCE MY LAST DRINK. :D

Need creative icon liek WOAH


For Dei... )

For Wyna~! )

For Lipstickcat )

For Tro~! )

Darling wifey Erica! )

Kate!!! )

For dear ZZ )

The first ever story based, remotely adult-slashy drawing I ever did! )

Kingdom Hearts image )

Other random images - uniforms, Lucius/Tom Riddle slash, Sirius and a true story )

[Edit] I did not have to post and repost that 5 or 6 times...NOooooosir!

[Edit 2] .....7 times...
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Eick. Foul mood on me currently. Might have something to do with the fact that of the 4 staff members off at 4pm I was the last one to leave at 4:30. YAY FOR WORK. DD:

And then I'm working 8 hours Thursday, 8 hours Friday, 8 hours Saturday, 8 hours Sunday. HURRAH.

I am so unimpressed.

Yo, [livejournal.com profile] kalidor, St. Klena's day? I likes it, ha ha! Pity I won't get to see most of the day. Woe.

OH BY THE BY My computer broke. Actually the house computer broke. This was on a Wednesday (just gone back 440 entries, well done LJ), and I rebooted it on Thursday. Now, we would be back on the internet except that the CD that we borrowed to reinstall broadband says our computer isn't meeting the specks broadband needs. Which is bollocks.

BUT THE POINT IS I've been gone the past almost-week. And it could be a while longer before I'm back due to limited times that I'm able to get to the library (thanks again work). So, yeah. May not be around so much.

There. Point over.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAYS TO [livejournal.com profile] falasama, [livejournal.com profile] kacfrog711 and [livejournal.com profile] wyna_hiros. I have little gifty things for you all - just have to get around to scanning and uploading them.



There's a gift heading your way but I am late, as always. Sorry! -_-

And um....Snape and Remus wanted to wish you a happy birthday but....


they were busy )

Well, the library computer says I've only got a few minutes left so...

Think of me, yeah? :D
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OK, so I did the close tonight and I'm slightly hyper and I FORGOT IT WAS PANCAKE TUESDAY!!! *facepalms* I do sorta lose at life. XD But mum made pancakes so I'm having some before I go to bed and collapse for work tomorrow. :D

But...No Selkie, I'm afraid. I just have the end of the tale (tail, ha ha ha ha) to draw and then it's done. So...Thursday maybe? Only a week late, but sure! ^_^;;

OH and [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_xisha did you get my text? C'mon, Angel and Seffryn'd be a totally hot ZQL slash couple. Angel regenerates and Seffryn likes to play with knives....Not convinced?

Slash and femmeslash under this cut~! )

And [livejournal.com profile] waxrose, my darling doll, I got your postcard today~!! I will definitely have to return the favour. Kisses! :XX


OK, I'm too hyper. Going to bed, I swear
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OK, 20 minutes late but I CANNOT DRAW THREESOMES. I swear to fuck, 1hr and 30 on the sketch. THE SKETCH. DD:

All cut for NOT BEING WORKSAFE. THERE ARE BOY BITS! :O First ever REAL un-worksafe images ever.



Smut ahoy. I'll be over here, glowing bright red. Images away~!

Detention with Snape )

As I'm feeling the flesh made me bad )

I went out into the night, I went out to find some light )

What Gryffindors REALLY get up to )

OK. Seriously. How do they look? And which one should I submit for tomorrow (after tiding it up, of course)?
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Work can fucking kiss my ass. I give up on life.

But in other news:

I wish I knew how to quit you

[Edit] [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_xisha~~~~!!!! CFUD is making me wanna apply as Death as their Grief Counselor....or a Remus as their Career Advisor....*wails* Discourage me plz. I don't have time for a life in general nevermind a CFUD-life! DDDD:'(
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Yes, I've sorta finished. 7 and a half hours. The Gods of Inking decided to smile on me by playing "Talk" on VH2 as I was sitting frowning at the images. XDDD Which gave me a much-needed boost:

Oh, brother, I can’t, I can’t get through
I’ve been trying hard to reach you
Cause I don’t know what to do
Oh, brother, I can’t believe it’s true
I’m so scared about the future
And I want to talk to you
Oh, I want to talk to you

I'm telling you. Fucking FATE people! XDDDDD

However I still have touch-ups and whatnot to do as well as any constructive criticisms you lot give me!! XDDDD And the pencil lines aren't erased either.


For [livejournal.com profile] cs_whitewolf and the Illustrated Fic Challenge!

Several decent sized images - a few not entirely worksafe )

I so need an artist or arty icon. *facepalms again*

Plus - communities to post this too?
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*Is it so? Tell me, I need to know
Can we go back inside already?

When in doubt....ART SPAM!

And some of these are not entirely worksafe. The last one esp. And they're not tiny images either!

Please Don't Wear Red Tonight - R/S )

Preforming An Unforgivable - Tom Riddle (unfinished) )

And lastly

Tom Riddle and Harry - Unfinished )

I need to do more often
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Fuck, just as I typed the subject line, I've got an awesome idea for a HP fic. But it'll probably only turn out to be a drabble. But the IDEAS! It's been ages since a fandom-fic idea struck me.


Also, self, the line is "And what Potter? You come back from battle and want a post-war fuck? Is that it? Do you want me to swoon in your arms and then fall to my knees?"

Gotta phone call from mum and dad. They were slightly worried about the lack of response to their text messages but my battery is dead and mum stole the only charger we knew we definitely had. So there has been no communication.

Mum loved her present though and they're having a great time. Apparently there's SHEDLOADS of talent over there too. To quote mother-dear: If I were 30 years younger, I'd have been making some connections.

Hahahaha. And my letter got lots of laughs. Dad told me I'm a witty little bitch and Auntie Christine thinks it's great that I write exactly the way I talk. Ms. Palmer also said that I do that, which I never realised 'til now. Cool!

Matt went to Belfast on his own. Which gave me time to wash clothes, hang stuff out and draw. I actually managed to draw something that pleased me. Especially after the Tom Riddle/Harry episode. Also - smutty is good.

The image, for anyone interested, was Harry/Draco and inspired by 'Tell me whom you love and I will tell you who you are.' Which I'm going to squee over in the next paragraph. Anyway it has upset/reluctant!Harry leaning forward with a collar and nipple ring. (also he has...em...stuff on his face which I may rub out) Collar is attached to a rope which is being pulled by a figure in background. Draco's in a very protective, almost shying away pose yet has to lean forward. Eyes looking up at Harry. Also has a collar and nipple rings...and stuff... It's the smuttiest thing I've ever drawn. And I'm so happy with it.

Anyway! The smut was inspired, as I said, by the story 'Tell me whom you love and I will tell you who you are' on the hp_literotica community. Awesome story. There is no real explanation to why Draco and Harry are now public prostitutes, which is better in a way. It's brutal and dark and angsty and implies just enough to let your imagination loose. Also - non-main Harry Potter characters being brutal to Harry/Draco is askfsjng,snd. <---just like that. Dude, how could you not love a story that rips your heart out by beginning;

On the fifth of July, Harry Potter wakes, and wishes he hadn't.

You can't look away from it.

Ok. I've rambled about my porny stuff and haven't even touched my conversations with Dei and Tim about our Three-way!yaoi-image and buying yaoi doujinshi, respectively.

Y'know, over the past few days I've talked and gotten to know quite a few people. People I've never IM'd before, people who I've only just met, friends I worry about and people who I never expected to talk to. And they are perhaps the most awesome people and I'm so grateful to have had the chance to talk to them and to meet them. And Zalan's coming over in, like, a month and I'm just happy.

I feel so creative for the first time since school's end and I'm happy with who I am and I'm confident in myself.

Life is awesome.


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