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Had an ace day out yesterday, and as I mentioned in my last blog post, came home a little merry!

Dave headed out to watch the UFC fight card at 3am, so I got up briefly with him to ensure he remembered everything and also because I was dying for ALL OF THE WATER. Man, I was dehydrated! So he left at 3:20 and I went back to sleep at 3:45. The moon was so clear, and so bright. It was like being bathed in silver.

Woke up at 8:30am when he came home, and just couldn't get back to sleep. Fed the cats, and then messed about online, as usual. Added my Illamasqua voucher onto account, for when I feel naughty! (Which is a lot of time.)

Felt my eyes dropping about 10:45, so thought "awww yeah, another hour won't do me any harm." Woke up at 2pm. Niiiiiiice.

Was supposed to go out shopping with Amanda and Paloma, however they both had to work, so I went in myself.

Eyed a few lovely snuggle chairs in the Next sale (oh my god, do want) and then mulled around Waterstones, debating what to buy. More books were bought! Shocking absolutely no one.

Came home, ate pizza, re-watched "Star Was: A New Hope" with Dave. It's the first time I've seen it in about 15 years. Then another delightful episode of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit". Now I have just tidied my new books away (including the ones I bought last Sunday), and now I am going to:
- tidy bedside my bed, quickly
- speak to my mum
- pack my gym kit
- start my resolution to read more.

Not a bad way to end a Sunday! Just a shame I've got to go back to work tomorrow....
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Not a lot to say tonight but I have been naughty and bought some cute things! It's only 25 hours until payday, that counts, right?

Bought the black and red of this dress. I really hope it fits. The hips and bust should fit okay, but my waist is 1.5 inches bigger than the measures. Fingers crossed!

Also bought this cute handbag. I have a lot of practical handbags but no really cute ones. Also, this one seems to be a little bigger than the standard "oh hey, my purse barely fits in here, where am I supposed to put my phone, keys and makeup?" ones that are around.

That is all I have for you! I am aiming to be asleep for midnight. Bopping on my bed to Daft Punk is not helping this matter!
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Man I love weekends. I realise why weekends are so cherised by, y'know, everyone. I can go to bed whenever I want! I can get up whenever I want! (although, Dave woke us up at 8:30 yesterday morning because he is a moron who set an alarm and today he woke us up at 7:30 because of, well, reasons, but I just rolled over and went back to sleep.)

So weekends are ace. I know because work weeks are so busy I should be trying to do everything else I haven't managed to do during the week then but I just don't care! Laziness, bring it to me! Today, I
- put on a clothes wash
- cooked Sunday dinner
- tidied our bedroom a bit
- read some "Avengers" fic
- dicked about on the internet a LOT
- watched "Prometheus"
- watched "Expendables 2"
- painted my nails
- talked to my mum

....and that's it! LAZY DAYS!

Dave bought an iPhone on Thursday so it arrived on Friday, I had a play with it and I bought one on Friday. Ebay - iPhone 3gS 16GB - almost brand new - £100. Considering I spent £70 on my current phone 2 years ago and it's started not holding charge, I feel good about this. And I had been "hmmmm"-ing about it for a good couple of months so I did it! BAM!

The one thing I do query is how to get all my information off my phone to transfer onto the new phone. Technology! Help me internet, you're my only hope.

In other life things, I went out yesterday day time with Dave to an event so I went all out with makeup and a little black dress (coupled with underbust steel-boned corset, suspenders, stockings and heels - naughty!). But wearing nighttime make-up during the daytime is difficult! I did my make-up for going out yesterday and I think it worked pretty well! Here's me at 9pm after putting my make-up on at midday! Not bad, right? And I only had to touch up my lipstick twice?

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I had a day of annual leave today and it's turned out to be one of the best days I've had in a long time :)

Started the morning by just ignoring Dave's alarms until nearly 9:45am when the postman woke us up delivering some interesting new things and then not too much later, another delivery turned up with a new bed! Dave and I had been looking at new beds over the weekend and found one on eBay we really liked, but hadn't decided on buying it. So Dave had bought it secretely, thought it was going to turn up tomorrow when I wasn't at work and was going to assemble it for us :) What a fucking gem of a boyfriend I have!

So after these deliveries, we walked into town (in the absolute torrential pouring rain) and went to Johnny Fontanes. Oh God. Oh my god delicious food. American cheese fries, a lemon and herb chicken burger and a Root Beer float. It was amazing. And we've got another voucher for it so we are going to rock that joint. And by "rock that joint", I mean eat as much food as humanly possible.

Then - adult move time! We went to speak to a mortage adviser. I KNOW. ADULT MOVES! So we chatted with them about our chances for a mortage and what we needed to do to set us up in good stead when we finish saving our deposit (in the next 6-18 months hopefully!). I set up a new account to help our "internal credit rating"! ADULT MOVES OF ADULTHOOD!

We got home from all this, I helped Dave sort his orders out, I dicked about on the internet and nearly fell asleep before we built our new bed. NEW BED! And it's King-size motherfuckers! Come stay with us! You can cuddle with Dave and I, we promise we won't make it weird ;) Look at it, fawn over it like we have!

So we managed to finish that at 9pm and so we were naughty and ordered take-away instead of cooking dinner. It was totally going to be chausierre chicken and rice. But it takes an hour to make so we took the easy option.

Then I ordered a piece of furniture for me. We have no mirror and I don't have a lot of storage space for my jewellery and GROUPON HAD A DEAL FOR A MIRROR ARMOIRE :O Its like it was FATE. So I ordered me this bad boy!

Now I am cuddled in bed with my boy and I have work tomorrow, but only have a 3 day week to work and today was great. Yay :) ♥
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Sunday night - start of a new week where I have to train a new employee despite a) being still an agency worker myself and b) only having been in the job for 7 months. Good times! Let's see how this rolls.

I meandered into town today with senior Dave - he wanted to go to the gym and I wanted to see if Primark were selling nice blazers. Sadly Primary failed me on that front but I did pick up a garter belt for £1 and a lovely red t-shirt for £4 (which may go towards my Trixxy cosplay). I also picked up a new pair of sunglasses as my last one's broke in half being thrown about my handbag. My poor possessions, they suffer to much :'( These new sunglasses are cute though - they're retro and cat-eye shaped. I do like them.

Came home and cooked a full Sunday dinner for us and we chilled upstairs watching "The Avengers" - only the second time I've seen it. But I loved it as much as I did the first time. ALL THE FEELINGS. I loved everyone. My favourites seem to change depending on who's on the screen /o\

In other boring news, I have trimmed my nails down. This may not seem like a lot to people but a) I am not good at maintanence like other ladies are and b) my nails tend to be about 2-3 inches long. So they are now respectably trimmed and filed down and painted a gorgeous shade called "Mulled Wine." I love having red nails!

I'm running out of things to say so have a piture of Kat Dennings - one of my current girl crushes/body icons. (insert dreamy sigh here)

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Another rushing around day at work! One of the admin workers had her leaving lunch at the office today as she's also leaving tomorrow! Staff just seem to be evaporating at the minute.

I was also a bit naughty today and went into one of the charity shops at lunch time when I was trying not to. But I did pick up a really nice (and boobilicious) Jane Norman top for £2.99 that I plan on wearing next Friday night to Lynn and Katie's leaving drinks. Oh well, can't be good all the time!

Well, I had another vaguely unproductive evening until the last part of it. I napped from 7 until 8 and then started frantically getting ready for tomorrow.

I've managed to:
- Bake two cakes for Katie's leaving lunch tomorrow (orange Victoria sponge cake); the chocolate buttercream still needs to be made in the morning but that'll take 5 minutes.
- Book my taxi for tomorrow to take me straight from work to the bus station to go down to Nottingham
- Tidied dishes away and washed said cooking/baking implements
- Tidied the bedroom
- Put away the 3 loads of washing on the bed (I have this thing where I like to leave a clean house if I go anywhere because I like coming home to cleanliness)
- Tomorrow's work/travel outfit has been laid out
- As had the clothes for Saturday
- Spoken to both Mama and Papa Denvir whilst the cakes were baking
- Currently finishing Katie's Student Progress report for her

Not bad! Still bits to do and I've just decided to paint my toenails - clever dick that I am! Although I really need to get into bed as I need to be out of bed at 7am on the dot tomorrow morning. Right. Finishing touches - GO!
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I had a weekend filled with good things! A lot of chilling, some GLORIOUS weather that hit 27 yesterday and the return of October! For those not aware, October is one of my favourite months as it leads up to Halloween!! Also, since about 2005, I have been half-heartedly taking part in something [livejournal.com profile] kacfrog711 started called Dark Art October. Basically, it is a month of twisted fan art all through the month. Delicious.

This year I plan to be better! Last night I sat on the sofa with Dave, watching "Shaun of the Dead" (how perfect) and started to sketch. Sadly it hit midnight before the image was done but I sat up regardless and finished it. I even used colours. COLOURS. I KNOW! Markers, even! I'm actually really proud of it, even though the scanner destroyed it >:(

Lisa and burnt Alessa from Silent Hill 1. I have never properly played these games but I am so in love with them, TERRIFYING :D

I think that's why I'm still walking around )

So there may be a lot more art posted in this journal over the next month. I really should be good and upload it to my art account as well - [livejournal.com profile] icarusishappy.

In other happy making news, I am doing a bit of cosplay this month so I went out in the GLORIOUS SUNSHINE yesterday to do a bit of Charity Shop Buying. And it was amazing! As I mentioned to [livejournal.com profile] philosiraptor, I got a handbag, belt, shirt, top, trenchcoat and jacket all for about £21. That's roughly $30. AH-MAZING. So I camwhored it up. With my webcam. Because I am vain like that.

Also, behold my random silly faces.

commodity fetishism, how I have not used that tag for a while! )

What else have I done....OH YES. REMEMBER I TOLD YOU ALL ABOUT MY ZOMBIE MISBEHAVING? How could you forget? Well I woke up today and checked Facebook to have a message from one of my fellow zombies saying "you're famous!" plus another zombie tagging me in a photo. They used a photo they took of us in the lift as our Zombie Base Camp for The Independent on Sunday. OH MY GOD, I was so thrilled. I want a larger copy of the photo! We look awesome! Check it out for yourself:

The Zombies Are Coming

;____; so proud ;_____;

Here's the photo! Behold my RAWR face

I love zombies, you guys. So much ♥

How were your weekends? ♥
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I'm really tired with all the strain, and being on a knife-edge waiting for news. I honestly don't know what I would have done without [livejournal.com profile] rogue_dreams yesterday. That's a lie, I do, I would have had another mental breakdown or "episode" or whatever the technical P.C. term for it is now. She's amazing, I just couldn't ask for a better friend or soul-twin.

Royal Wedding tomorrow! Now, being Northern Irish, the Royal Family/Britain is a bit of a touchy subject just because of the politics and stuff. However! Hannah and Guy are holding a Royal Wedding party where there will be stawberries and cream and cake and booze and an indoor picnic (because the weather forcast is crap). I am looking forward to it, and seeing Guy and Han before they go off to Japan for a month.

A whole 4 more days off! April, you have been a strange month - fact.

Music inspired by a twitter conversation between myself, [livejournal.com profile] whitehaiku and [livejournal.com profile] adellyna about Jude who I have not listened to properly in about a year or so? Definitely before my laptop was stolen. But I had an urge today to put it all back on. Turns out buying the CDs in first year was an excellent life choice

In order to cheer myself up, and everyone else, have some Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his amazing face.

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So far, this past week I have not been able to sleep any earlier than 3am in the morning. And whilst I don't mind that so much during Lecture Week, when I have fuckall classes, it is going to present a problem when I have classes before 12pm next week. Body, sort it out.

The worst part is, I get really tired about 10pm but every night there has been something to prevent me from getting into bed, be it people in the house, phonecalls from parents or just random life-wank cropping up.

I have the second episode of "Nobuta wo Produce" buffered though. I am about to try and sleep to that.

Money is still an issue. Despite my plan to be a massive Sheaf House slob today, the printer not working pretty much cock-blocked me from my pajamas plan (stupid house printer) thus making me head into uni to get some printouts. Which also meant I realised that I needed to buy my books for my John Milton seminar on Monday. Half of next week's budget just vanished. I have also spend, I would estimate, over £200 on books between this semester and last. This takes into account the £30 worth of book vouchers I received for Christmas but does not take into account the Shakespeare books that have not yet been bought. ;____;

I am following on my mum's suggestion to write to my uncle for the money. It's so stupid, if I'd had an extra £100 in my budget, I wouldn't be stressing so much. Or if I had an overdraft. Or had a card with which to buy books online where they are cheaper. Stupid money spiral.

I am not as bitter as one might thing about all this. Just...quietly resigned to all this. It's my fault I'm in debt and can't pay it, so it's my fault that I can't get an overdraft, so my current financial situation is my own problem. It does not mean that I am happy (or quiet) about it. :|

Took a look at my seminar prep for Monday. Which consists of the title "The Role of the Poet", 13 poets and 26 lines of "Paradise Lost". Surely there must be more prep than that? Some guided seminar questions? No. Thanks Milton. You are already becoming a massive pain in my ass, I didn't even want to study you. I don't even really remember studying you last year except to remark in a seminar that I wanted to "punch God in the face". Goddamn.

Lunch with Dave tomorrow. He's trying sushi for the first time. I wish I was panicking less. Worried I'm just going to see him and explode. Worried I'm just going to say nothing. Worried that I'm going to find things are different. Worried I'm going to be happy.
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So, I have this BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS CANADIAN BEAUTY that calls me her wife and she beta'd for me and I love her!

The City Lights, They Shine But Not Half As Brightly As You

Arashi, Ohmiya
951 words
For [livejournal.com profile] crazychickencow, who flailed at me one night AGES AGO and told - ORDERED me to write her fic and I said 'ok' and only got around to it late on Saturday night after work and hours in the dark reading bandom fic. So slightly unusual piece! But written with ALL THE LOVE EVER! Much, much love to the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] waxrose for the speedy beta and awesome comments. Love you wifey! ♥

the )

- - - - - - - - -


1. [livejournal.com profile] mcee I am blaming you (and [livejournal.com profile] stereomer) for the fact that after you and [livejournal.com profile] stereomer talking about Asshole!Frank because I started daydreaming in work about it, y'know in an attempt to stop me GOING POSTAL AND KILLING CUSTOMERS last night because they WOULD NOT STOP COMING - GO EAT A SALAD, YOU BASTARDS, which progressed from asshole!frank musing in my head into plotting a McDonalds/Fast Food Restaurant AU with bandom. I BLAME YOU. BECAUSE IT WON'T LEAVE MY HEAD /o\

2. The clothes started arriving! \o/ Expect ryro-styled camwhoring once I return from work of my new FUCKING AWESOME t-shirt and Panic!Hoodie

3. I have been in work since Friday. Friday and Saturday I had different shifts. From Sunday until tomorrow night I have been on closes. ARGH. 4 closes in a row is NOT GOOD TIMES D:

4. Once I get out of my close tomorrow night I am crawling into bed with my sketchbook, my laptop and I am going to sit and draw and read Big Bang fic and drink tea and it is going to be FUCKING AWESOME.

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Cobra Starship at playing in Leeds next Friday (possibly saturday?) at Cockpit. And I am not there. Fuck D:

- - - - - - - - - -

X the movie really is just the epitome of "rocks fall, everybody dies" joke, right? I watched it before I went back to work on Tuesday and it was a little strange! Good going X. Way to kill everybody.

- - - - - - - - - - -

I have been reaccepted to Leeds and managed to change my course successfully! Score one for me! \o/

I didn't realise just how nervous i was until i had to get Matt to open the letter in work this morning.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

People! Charlotte Sometimes - worth listening to? Y/N?

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I am working closes for the next 4 nights. 4 nights of fucked up schedules. NOT SO MUCH MADE OF WIN WORK

- - - - - - - - - - - -

[livejournal.com profile] waxrose - i might need you to beta for me? Feel up for it?

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I am about to waste the wages i am about to earn over the course of the next few days on new clothing and bandom related things online and i don't care. Good times great days.

[edit] mum and I just have. good times great days. even though i think i've just bought a Panic At The Disco t-shirt I'm not going to fit into. D:
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I have absolutely no reason to post. I am awesome, blatantly. :D

I am...still in Boston! \o/

Although I'm getting the itching scratching under-my-skin feeling of how close I am to home and then guilt for not appreciating being here now. Damn it Catholicism! I am mentally shaking my fist at you.

Other things I am shaking my fist at:
- Wanting to dye my hair
- Trying to get My Chemical Romance tickets without a credit card
- My complete and utter lack of writing skills


I really do want to dye my hair. :( I blame hot goth/alternative/emo kids. I want my hair lots of colours again instead of the washed-out brown-red-ginger mix it is now. Damn it society!

I also very much want another piercing and/or my tattoo before I head home but I should maybe be a little more cautious about this.

I also want to be a skinny cute little scene kid at the minute but that is not happening anytime in the near future it seems. Damn you food!

Although not you tea. Tea is always there for me and I adore it. Tea makes my world go around.

This post has been utterly pointless thus far. This makes me sad.

What also makes me sad is my lack of doing anything. I should have finished this ficlet for [livejournal.com profile] crazychickencow and been updating my journal (the real travel one) and drawing my frustrating, brain-numb amount of ideas swirling around but instead no.

It also doesn't help that my Zen does not seem to be charging on my godmother's computer and her computer has NO SOUND and the DVD player will not play my MP3 CDs so I am musicless at the moment. I cannot function without music people! I do actually not do well without it. >(

I should go and take the dogs for a walk because I haven't today. Damn.


I really want to go to MCR :( Damn!

And my paid account expires in, like, 4 days. Fare ye well, paid account! I both knew and loved thee.

However, on the plus side, (because this entry has too much whining) I did get a really cute houndstooth skirt and silk black shirt for $12 in Newbury and my mum has sent me some money to buy things with. No, actually flat out said, 'buy yourself nice things'. I have the world's most awesome mother ever. EVER.

Also, when I get home, I'll be able to download Arashi tv shows (and where are the sites for that? Because I am internet retarded) and work on my Sekkrit Projects and start my photo wall again and lots of nice things like watch the awesome J-Dramas I watched with [livejournal.com profile] littleredfox and hang out with my friends and not get ID'd for alcohol :D

Excellent! These are indeed good things. Now, I just have to be amazingly awesome and work out a way to buy these tickets. Go brain go!
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Alright so I am now the proud owner of:

- Jude's "403 N.Harper Ave"
- Jude's "No One Is Really Beautiful"
- Jude's "King of Yesterday"
- Neil Gaiman's "Where's Neil When You Need Him?"
- The illustrated version of "Murder Mysteries"
- Neil Gaiman's "Anasi Boys"
- "The Sandman Papers"


And Gavin has just left but has introduced me to the wonder that is KCRW radio station and fuck me if it doesn't have Jude doing live sets on there and Sia and Rufus Wainwright and Faithless and Joseph Arthur and god, everyone!

It's fucking amazing.

I have Wank Thursday tomorrow and on top of that I have an essay to hand in JUST BEFORE my only free hour during which I am going to the Medical Practice to possibly be diagnosed for depression.

And now! This is my proposal.

Come to this entry, yes this very one, and vent. Vent about anything that's being annoying you or has irratated you today. Anything. Just get it all out.

P.S today after Nihongo class, a group of us sat as per usual and had breakfast together. And we plotted me becoming the first ever female dictator. It was made of win.
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Alright - I have now treated myself to a paid acount! OMG ICONS~! :O

So of course, I use a sexy icon. Oh yes.

I should be properly updating this journal as I owe people stories of what I've been doing these past few months and all the nonsense with the course and the art work, of course the art work.

Unfortunately, I am supposed to be in bed. I have Nihongo in the morning and it's Oeda-sensei so I should rest up. HARDCORE DESU YO.

So I'm going to throw another meme out there - one of the reoccuring ones I've been seeing the past few days.

Pick 3 of my interests and I'll explain them to you.

Pick 3 of my icons and ask me something about them.

♥ ♥
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I was at The Summer Scheme today which = 26 kids and 5 helpers. My brain is slightly fried.

Add to that - I've just agreed to write [livejournal.com profile] musesfool a Fandom birthday ficlet on top of:
- 2 Drunken Marauders stories
- 1 Remus/Sirius humour
- 1 Harry/Draco slash dream with added Seffryn cameo
- 1 Battle of the Bishi's story (which is rapidly descending into madness)
- 1 Slughorn/McGonagall fic with mild drunkenness
- 1 Locke/Marauders story with drinking and smoking =substances= and mischief
- 1 secret project for someone who didn't request
- a few mini-ficlets, if I can manage it and, hopefully,
- my own present.

My brain hurts. But I did manage to get one finished and even added extra smutty-ness. I think I got my Fitzgerald on for part of it. I am proud. Especially as I'm not adept at smut!writing yet. As long as I don't go too 'purple prose'. Hopefully have another 1(?) ready for beta-ing in the morning.

Therefore One story to beta! Who wants the first one?

Also - note for future reference as I've only realised it very recently. I have a thing about -licking- and -tongues-. I wish I knew earlier. Ah well!

I'm going to the Races tomorrow! It's Ladies Day!
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I went on a shopping spurgle today in Newry because we didn't really shop in Belfast yesterday. Purchase List! (For my own record):
-Good Omens - Pratchett and Gaiman. OMFG I am SO UP FOR READING IT.
--Smoke And Mirrors - Gaiman.
---1602 - Gaiman. Got superheroes? Got Marvel? Got complex ideas and storylines? Got Gaiman? It's MINE!
----Birthday CD for someone - MOO HA HA HA HA
-----Beth Orton - Central Reservation. Purely because I love 'Stolen Car' and because [livejournal.com profile] lipstickcat likes her.
------The Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up The Girl. I love this album but had to give it back to Ashley. NOW I HAVE MY OWN COPY
-----Richard Durrant - Thunder, Lightning and Rain. Bought this 'cause it was cheap and had a cool photo.
----OST - Shaun of the Dead. Because the movie and the music are seriously awesome. So sez me. And Joey.
---The Bands '05 II. Saw it advertised and realised it was a really decent compilation of music I love.
--OST - Buffy - Once More With Feeling. Because it was the cheapest I've ever seen it and I wanted a copy since I saw the episode.

I am sick. I have the cold or something. But I'm not going to moan because mum has it worse. My bones hurt. Whinge whinge.

OK. Let's have fun! I will reply to comments hopefully later tonight, as well as hopefully finishing one of the Fandom Birthday stories finished.

I may need beta's. But no one gets to beta for their own story. Any takers - once I'm finished?

Survey-idea-random-thing stolen from [livejournal.com profile] xylodemon
Tell me something about you. A secret, an opinion on something, something about yourself, for example: 'I like office supplies.' Just so in the future I can see your entries or comments and think 'Oh that's _________; she likes office supplies.'

Go forth and tell me things!

- Write thoughts on Half-Blood Prince
- Finish survey's
- Get things ready to be sent away
- Fandom Birthday things
- Reply to comments.

OK bitch - GO!
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Easter's come and gone.

My neighbour came round to our door this morning to tell us our cat Tiger was dead in his garden. He loved Tiger too; fed her and she would go into the house and cuddle up to his wife who died 6 months ago.

First my cat Duke and now Tiger. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

My dad said she wasn't hurt, just had a bloody paw. We think a badger got her. Broke her neck, we think.



We still have Twinkle. That cat is as tough as fuckin' old boots. She knew as well. I don't know how though...

I'm sorry. None of this is probably making much sense. My head's all sort of fuzzy and muddled.

Hence the picture of weepy Angel that I did and the Leah-being-fucked-up-with-her-parents-death poster I'm doing.

I wonder if anyone wants their character to kill her parents. I can't have any more characters. 88 is enough, I think.

I'm gonna bed.


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