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Fly-by post!

Firstly! A fic rec: No Holds Barred. This is an amazing AU for "The Dark Knight Rises", based on the premise that Talia kidnapped John Blake once he was captured and gave him to Bane as a prisoner to be broken.

The prompt for the fic was "Talia brings Bane a gift in the form of fiery detective John Blake, intending to watch Bane break him -- but Bane likes John's spirit too much to try and quench it, and is too head-shy about sex to use him in the way Talia wants. Too bad John thinks he's a psychopath."

It's a fabulous work, I devoured every piece of it a few Sundays ago and just sat in awe afterwards. It is violent and it is dark and there are themes of dub-con but it's worth it. Absolute worth a read.

Secondly! I now have a tumblr. Please follow me? It's mostly "Teen Wolf" at the minute but I will get better at using it! I'm at Ebb And Flow By The Moon

Thirdly, this post made me realise I don't have a fic rec tag or a comic/Batman tag. This will be rectified now
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I had a day of annual leave today and it's turned out to be one of the best days I've had in a long time :)

Started the morning by just ignoring Dave's alarms until nearly 9:45am when the postman woke us up delivering some interesting new things and then not too much later, another delivery turned up with a new bed! Dave and I had been looking at new beds over the weekend and found one on eBay we really liked, but hadn't decided on buying it. So Dave had bought it secretely, thought it was going to turn up tomorrow when I wasn't at work and was going to assemble it for us :) What a fucking gem of a boyfriend I have!

So after these deliveries, we walked into town (in the absolute torrential pouring rain) and went to Johnny Fontanes. Oh God. Oh my god delicious food. American cheese fries, a lemon and herb chicken burger and a Root Beer float. It was amazing. And we've got another voucher for it so we are going to rock that joint. And by "rock that joint", I mean eat as much food as humanly possible.

Then - adult move time! We went to speak to a mortage adviser. I KNOW. ADULT MOVES! So we chatted with them about our chances for a mortage and what we needed to do to set us up in good stead when we finish saving our deposit (in the next 6-18 months hopefully!). I set up a new account to help our "internal credit rating"! ADULT MOVES OF ADULTHOOD!

We got home from all this, I helped Dave sort his orders out, I dicked about on the internet and nearly fell asleep before we built our new bed. NEW BED! And it's King-size motherfuckers! Come stay with us! You can cuddle with Dave and I, we promise we won't make it weird ;) Look at it, fawn over it like we have!

So we managed to finish that at 9pm and so we were naughty and ordered take-away instead of cooking dinner. It was totally going to be chausierre chicken and rice. But it takes an hour to make so we took the easy option.

Then I ordered a piece of furniture for me. We have no mirror and I don't have a lot of storage space for my jewellery and GROUPON HAD A DEAL FOR A MIRROR ARMOIRE :O Its like it was FATE. So I ordered me this bad boy!

Now I am cuddled in bed with my boy and I have work tomorrow, but only have a 3 day week to work and today was great. Yay :) ♥
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So my plan was to go into Leeds and just wander around, enjoying the Bank Holiday. And I didn't because I am lazy. So I have been sitting online for nearly 6 hours, alternating between 9Gag, downloading Opera (Firefox just will not allow me to stream video without freezing every 30 seconds) and looking at jobs. Yes, jobs. I am being all responsible, aren't we all proud!

I also signed up for a Dreamwidth account because it seems like a lot of friends are getting dual journals/abandoning LJ after the latest palava with the commenting changes so I am there as Klena. Let me know if you guys are over there.

Then I created my 2012 resolutions. Most of them are quite grown up - get a job by the end of this month, start paying off my student loan, look at pension schemes, visit home more often. But there are creative things there too. I have one for my soul as well. But I think the best one I've decided upon is:

You know that confident, ballsy, "Fuck 'em", good looking young woman that people keep telling you they see? You are that person. Try not to forget it.

On New Years Eve a friend from Anime Soc told me she had had a little bit to drink but wanted to admit to me that when she met me, she had a crush on me because I was confident and secure in myself and wasn't afraid to stand up for myself/things I believed in. I was so flattered! And I forget that a lot, that the person I am socially is also me. I like her a lot, she's fun. And powerful. And people around me like her so I am going to remember that I'm fucking smart and silly and powerful and confident.

Even if I don't, fuck it. Fake it 'til you make it.
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[livejournal.com profile] mystagic did a thing where you explain the stories behind 5 of your icons. So I volunteered and here I am, spilling my guts!

Also, I am waiting for the colour in my hair to develop, so killing time only works in my favour at the minute.

First one!

Keywordsmcgonagall only speaks truth, there is something wrong with you, you are demented.

This one is one of my newest icons, resparked by my love of [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_project. I was reminded of it a few months ago and went hunting it all down after the community was hacked and all the entries deleted. Sad times :(

It also makes me sad that the .pdf files available to download don't have the handwritten notes included in it. It loses a bit of the charm without them, honestly - is that just me? I am spoiled fan.

ANYWAYS. For those not in the know about Shoebox Project, it was a hilarious Marauders era multi-media fic establishing a lot about the Marauders. And Sirius/Remus as a pairing. It was fantastic and funny and full of tension as the War approached. Anyways, early in it, while it's set at Hogwarts, McGonagall is obviously long-suffering with James Potter and his band of miscreants.

The actual quote comes from a conversation between Sirius and McGonagall as they discuss career options. It pretty much sums up their relationship, and is hilarious. I chose it as it has that fondness and acceptance of the fact that most of the people I encounter on LJ are demented. And utterly brilliant for it. The keywords kinda explain themselves I think. Next!

Keywords:BAMFs, dream a little bigger darling, your mind is the scene of the crime

Arthur and Eames! Inception! My feelings are long and vaired and filled with ~INTENSE FEELINGS~ which I shall spare you all. Needless to say it was perhaps my favourite movie of last year, if not one of my favourites from the last decade or so I've properly been enjoying movies.

There is so much I love about this icon. It's from that fantastic scene where Eames just shows the audience (and Arthur) how much of a Bad Ass Mother Fucker he is, and calls him "darling". It seems like "dream a little bigger, darlng" has become perhaps THE phrase from the movie, especially for fangirls. Which is fantastic, considering the "darling" wasn't even in the script.

Arthur and Eames massively appeal to me as a fanfic reader, a writer and a fan of characters. Arthur presents this cool, collected facade who is charge and resolutely Deals With (Cobb's) Shit. He dresses in the most amazing sharp, business-like fashion but is a motherfucking expert with explosives. He never tends to be sentimental about people except for when he remarks that Mal was "lovely." He revises the plan when he misses the kick like it was an inconsequential thought. He has followed Cobb for years. Arthur is a lesson in badassery.

Eames is a hilarious pseudo-lush who dresses awfully but has a hidden quick wit and a knack for human psychology and interpersonal relationships. Once you consider that Eames' entire job in the dreamscape revolves around being other people, forging identities, his character becomes a lot more interesting and intriguing (not that he wasn't before.) For someone to solidly and convincingly forge an identity, he needs to be believable, and clever, and astute to each person's individual ticks and mannerisms. So the facade he presents in the movie is a carefully orchestrated one to take people off-guard as he filches your wallet (or your heart). And you didn't even notice, did you?

So, I have a lot of feelings about these characters! As I do about Mal and Ariadne and Cobb and Saito and Yusef. But basically, it is my badass icon. NEXT.

Keywords:gabe needs to work on his magic act, inherently ridiculous

This hilarious fool is Gabe Saporta, from Cobra Starship. They are a band who wants to make you dance. The idea for the band came after from Mr. Saporta there: "Citing a personal mythology involving being out in the desert high on peyote and having a conversation with a prophetic cobra."

Gabe is still one of those favourites from my very eager bandom days and this icon just makes me laugh a lot when I actually look at it. Look at him! What is he doing?! He's a guy that confuses me a lot. He sings creepy songs about being in his basement! But he's hilarious and does not take himself seriously. But he's also stupidly hot, especially in a suit.

I have no clue what this photo is from or what the context is, but it is hilarious. It looks like he is trying to make a toothbrush levitate. I don't even know. If I am using this, I am taking the piss (out of myself normally) or I am being silly. There really is not a lot of thoughts behind this icon. NEXT

Keywords: a virgin losing a child, before it all becomes the same old song, surely Heaven waits for you, used to be the right one.

Amanda Fucking Palmer! She used to be tied with Rose Tyler as the Woman Most In My Icons. True fact. Now Billie Piper (as Rose and as Belle du Jour) is the clear winner there. She is married to Neil Gaiman, don't you know? She has a lot of ~feelings~ about things, some of them not right! She is the lead singer of The Dresden Dolls and released an amazing album called "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" which I listened to a whole fucking lot during my final year and since. [brief break there to wash the dye out of my hair, I have no clue how the red has turned out, sigh]

ANYWAYS. Amanda Palmer. And all my lyrical keywords! "A virgin losing a child" comes from "Wolves At Night" by Manchestra Orchestra, "Before it all becomes the same old song" comes from "The (Shipped) Gold Standard" by Fall Out Boy, "Surely Heaven waits for you" is from "Carry On My Wayward Song" by Kansas and "Used to be the right one" is from "The Perfect Fit" by Amanda Palmer.

Basically, this icon is my contemplative/doubting/wistful icon. All the lyrics were chosen to vaguely correspond with what could be making her glance down and away. Except for "Surely Heaven waits for you", the rest of the icons are supposed to be sort of first-person whilst the Kansas lyrics is obviously second-person. The way her head is tilted and the position of her lips always seemed to be like Amanda was sighing or biting her lip, so I wanted to use th. EMOTIONAL ICONS! NEXT


Keywords: storm in the form of a girl, the motion makes me strong

My current profile pic! After the glasses/books one for something like two years, I finally changed it. This gorgeous specimen of womanhood is Lyndsey Ballato/Way or Lyn-Z being as fucking awesome as she is. She is one of my girl crushes that just won't quit. Her attitude! Her tattoos! Her bendy spine! Her pigtails! Her style! She's an artist and a bass player! Yeah, no, she's an awesome lady so I had to have her as one of my icons. I've got a few other icons of her, but I think this is probably my favourite one. Good thing too, it being my profile icon! Ha ha ha.

There's something just really...transient and powerful about this icon. She's obviously in motion, playing the bass but her gaze isn't focused on playing or the crowd, she seems to be gazing beyond that. Her pose is just really strong and unshakeable. Also, love the contrast of the orange stage and her black/white outfit. Plus the little glances of her tattoos. Ugh ♥ Lyn-Z.

The keywords, I'm actually surprised I don't have more of them! "Storm in the form of a girl" came from a keyword or an icon that I think [livejournal.com profile] musesfool had, maybe a Buffy one? Upon doing some searching, it is apparently from Hole's "Heaven Tonight" or Nick Cave's "Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore". Whatever, it's a great line. "The motion makes me strong" comes from Emmy The Great's song "Canopies And Grapes" (apparently not the real title, huh) which I have quoted many times in my icons. Generally in Rose Tyler ones. The verse it's taken from is:
Take some time out to resuscitate my soul,
Take up smoking and drink orange juice and grow.
Teach the mattress to expel you from it's folds
Dry my eyes and keep on walking,
'Til the motion makes me strong,
'Til one day I realise I don't remember that you're gone.

How can I not love that so much and want it used in many keywords? And the piece I used was to emphasise that moving on, movement keeps you going, keeps you strong. I need to remember that sometimes, I think.

So that is my icon masterclass! I hope you enjoy the rambles :) Bed? Bed.
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Every year I make resolutions and every year I seem to...forget about them at some point. So instead of wishing everyone I know a Happy New Year (and I do wish it for you, I do), I'm going to steal from my favourite, Mr. Neil Gaiman, for my New Year's wishes:

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.

...I hope you will have a wonderful year, that you'll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you'll make something that didn't exist before you made it, that you will be loved and that you will be liked, and that you will have people to love and to like in return. And, most importantly (because I think there should be more kindness and more wisdom in the world right now), that you will, when you need to be, be wise, and that you will always be kind.

I wish all this for you. ♥
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Happy Valentine's Day or Happy Single's Awareness Day or Happy Consumerist Holiday Bullshit Day, however you wish to view the day.

Reading some information on websites (particularly Wikipedia cough cough), it tells me that it's a day of expressing "Love and affection between intimate companions", which tells me, obviously that it's traditionally a lover's holiday, but you on my f-list, you are also my intimate companions. Sure we might not have met, or even had an real contact in forever, but you are all still privy to my thoughts and ramblings and worries and therefore, you are intimate with me in a way that is beyond physical consummation. So, therefore, with that thought in mind,
♥ Happy Valentines Day, beautiful ♥
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so far 2010 has sucked for me. i have already cried and sleep seems miles unlike my sleeping companion. regardless.

here is what i wish for all od you, as articulated by the eloquent Neil Gaiman

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.

...I hope you will have a wonderful year, that you'll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you'll make something that didn't exist before you made it, that you will be loved and that you will be liked, and that you will have people to love and to like in return. And, most importantly (because I think there should be more kindness and more wisdom in the world right now), that you will, when you need to be, be wise, and that you will always be kind.

As I now have 11 days and roughly 10 hours to write 7,000 words (two essays, 1 being worth 100% and the other being worth 50%) I can almost guarantee I will be on LJ a little more before these deadlines as I am procastinator extraordinaire.

To come, (hopefully), a post on Sex that I mentioned in passing to [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_xisha, a Resolution list and a Reflection post about 2009 and the decade that has passed.
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I was going to post a sappy Christmas message but instead I think I'll just transpose this text I got from my darling Libby last night

I wish you peace, love and health blah blah blah. Fuck that shit. I wish you lots of sex, alcohol, orgasms and hope you win the fucking lottery. Merry Christmas
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So! Last night Dave and I went with Caroline (a girl who used to work with me in Fab and loves zombies as much as I do) to see one of the other doormen from Fab's band. So, those who were not working last night all came to the gig so I got to see my ex-managers and rock out.

Also, the band were supporting Zombina and the Skeletons who I was well fucking excited to see because they're just ace. Retro kitsch off-kilter bands! Who all dress like zombies! and are from Liverpool! And write songs about Zombies and Dr. No and being psychotic and werewolves and :))))))) [livejournal.com profile] mofette was extremely excited and busted some ace shapes on the floor! Including picking me up, swinging me towards her and then letting me go. That was unexpected! But awesome!

A good night was had! Even if Dave and I got the piss taken out of us because we were all ~kissy-face~ together. Which we were cool with and then Colette, my ex-boss and his current boss, came over to us and gestured at our faces and said "I like this. You kiss nice! And look happy and not like (affecting bored apathy) 'yeah whatever'. Also you look like you fuck good."

I'm pretty certain there is no polite response to that EVER so we just grinned and looked at each other and were like ":) yeah! true :))))"

....i am pathetic! When did this happen?! Why was i not informed? I swear I used to be cool about this sort of thing!!*

*lies. fucking lies. I've never had this sort of thing and god knows I've never been cool!
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This was going to be yet another emo-esq blog entry about me potentially having to leave university and my life and my housemate and money and not being able to work out when i was get to go home and how much i miss people and oh god, my friend's going to have a baby girl in about three months --

but it's not. Enough about me for a bit and how I have spent my night eating student food and watching Supernatural and faffing on the internet instead of working.

I've been awake so stupidly long becuase my sleepig schedule is messed up but for now, I am letting my introspection vanish with the dying dark (but maybe just for tonight).

Today (all days) are going to be about you, my list. This entry is for you. Vent in my comments about the injustices you are stuck with now, the little things you want to change, questions you have or a subject you want opinions on.

Let me know little things about you - the quirks that make you who you are and the little routines of your life. How do you take your tea/coffee? Do you have a specific way of arranging your music or your DVDs? What are you reading now? (what do you have on your shelf that you have been meaning to read for years?)

And indulge me and tell me a reason why you keep me on you list.
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Why oh why did I think doing "shieldmaidens, matriarchs and monsters: women in medieval scandanavian literature" was a good alternative to "Romance, Ballad and Fairytales"? Studying Old Icelandic does not = win. Tears, people. Tears of blood.

Kittencam is possibly the cutest thing in the world, ever. I am listening to kitten meow as I read the Volsunga Saga. [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_xisha is my pimp for my own special kinds of crack.

"Supernatural" makes my life. Sam! Dean! Demons! Angels who are dicks! "Eye of the Tiger"! Winchesters! Also, watching with the soultwinnongirlfriend is also one of the highlights of my week.

WATCHMEN. T-MINUS 4 DAYS! Insert epic flail here.

Work work work work work. i want to sleep instead of work tonight. however since that's not possible, hi Red Bull ilu &hearts
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Thousands of things to say and a huge introspective journal entry coming but had to commit this to (it's not memory really, nor is it ink) little 0s and 1s before i forgot it in my haste to say other things that might not make much sense.

Before going back to my notes (and leaping from witchcraft to 17th Century political theorists to revenge tragedies) I want to get you involved with me for a little bit. Because I've been an absentee from this year and I feel like I'm drifting away on a tide (caught in riptide) and I want to know you. I love you already, but I want to know you better and I want you to know me better.

Anyway, behind all my Wentzian drabble, what I'm saying is this.

I am writing New Year (New Self) letters to anyone who wants them. You can just ask for one and I'll ramble about anything. You can ask me here questions you want me to answer about myself (things you feel you should know, who the fuck am I and why am I on your friendslist etc etc) and I'll write a response to you, and i'll ask about you and what i wish for you this coming year.

It might even be a fairytale.

Comments will be locked so no worry about people viewing things. Just....please get involved. Even if you've never left me a comment, even if you couldn't care less about this idea, it's always nice getting mail, right?
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Now, my darlings - my siblings. We seem to have been having quite a rough time at the minute. And this makes me sad. So I did the only thing I could think of today.


for my family )
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There will be arts tomorrow. Damn me for having an amazing Iris, Mikki and Rock in my life. ♥
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I love love love this song! Sekkritly, it's my Sam/Dean song. Or one of them. Have I mentioned recently how much I love [livejournal.com profile] fanmix?

Right. My net's been down for about a week. What have I missed? And what the fuck is this dickery with journal deletions? Wherefore is my porn?

I'm working mad mad this week and I am so broke I can't even afford the bus to work. Not that I get the bus anyway. But still.



[livejournal.com profile] togeira, my love - the Trinity file didn't work. Can you convert it and send it to me again? xoxoxoxox

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But, on the plus side, as I saunter vaguely downwards, I'll be the owner of a Neil Gaiman CD.

OH FUCKING YES - A NEIL GAIMAN CD. Do you hear that? That is my heart beating with a thousand beats a minute~! Probably slightly unhealthy, hahahahah!


Yayayayayayayayayay! Can we tell I am excited? Oh yes, oh yes!


Joe - you should probably try to catch me whilst I'm in this mood - I am more pliable to buy and I will actually do it! Not that I wouldn't but in this mood - I'm going to stop before I start making any less sense.

Waltz art coming when I return to LEeeeeeeeeeeeds~!

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[livejournal.com profile] darthzal I am so sorry I haven't had a chance to upload your birthday gift! But unfortunately I'm passing out in front of my laptop.

It will be up tomorrow evening - pinkie promise!


But on the good side - guess who doesn't have a superventricular tachicardia??
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I know I've been woeful at the LJ business. I really, really do realise this. And I'm so sorry for not getting back to people and commenting on things and just being there. But being back here has equalled work and the EMO and bollockery that comes with work.

Plus there was that day off spent mostly in casualty because of my heart. Hurrah~!

Anyways! I've been invited out tonight so I won't be around to post at midnight and wish you all a happy new year, so I've decided to do it now!

Happy New Years, my darlings~!

I know I'm sorta lacking as a friend but I do think of you. I really do. And I worry about you and I cheer for you and I'm always here for you. You know that, right?


First Lines of the posts of 2006 )


I'm going to do a mini-icon overhaul in the next few days and I want to know what you think of the icons I use.

Is there one that you associate with me?
Is there one that you think I should keep up?
One that you don't understand my keywords for?
A fandom you think I should represent more?
An icon I need to get rid of?


Coming up in the next post! (Hopefully tomorrow!)

- Final Waltz smut~!

- Any questions you want answered about my year

- 2006 in recap for me

- Art review of the year

- Music meme (i.e. pimping musics out to you~!)

- Probably some commentary on my night, ha ha ha~!


OK folks, that's all from me for now!

I'll see you all in 2007!
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Thank you - all of you - for the birthday wishes. I really appreciated it.

20! I'm getting old! I'm no longer a teenager. Tragic.

[livejournal.com profile] togeira~! Smut is coming along! I'm very close to inking~! ♥

It's a week to Christmas peeps~!

I'm into work (I'm back at McDonalds - hurrah?) in, like, 7 and 1/2 hours. I should go to bed!

Oh dear - why is Facebook so addictive?

[hahah G.I.P]

OH I KNEW I HAD A POINT! [livejournal.com profile] theleapingmuse, my darling Kate~!, I got your card~! ♥ ♥ ♥ !
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I'm home I'm home I'm home I'm home I'm home~!

I'm 20 on Sunday~!

I'm home!


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